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The Sims 4

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Electronic Arts
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02.09.2014 (US)
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Patch 1.37.35

Author: Administrator Date: 20.12.17 System:

Like telling horrible jokes…

  1. What did the vampire toddler say when she was hungry?
  2. Why did the toddler drink coffee?
  3. Why did the toddler lick the toilet?
  4. Why did the toddler overfeed his puppy?
  5. Why did the toddler lick his puppy?
  6. Why did the Sim quit her bowling league?
  7. What do you call an emotional PlantSim?

Or just finding out…

What’s New!

  • Seven new animal hats have crawled their way into Create A Sim.
    • Take one home today, and let it nest upon your head, all warm and snuggly.
  • Three new holiday objects with a sunny disposition.
    • Snowy the Sandman decorative
    • Surfin’ Santa floor light
    • The Flip-Flop wall lights
  • Two new tattoos for male and female hands (one left and one right), that are in the style typically associated with henna.

General Issues

  • We fixed an issue with the licensed content royalty notifications Sims receive, that could cause the text of the notification to become corrupted.
  • Gallery hashtags are once again functioning for new uploads to the Gallery.
  • Sims in the painter career will no longer be able to sell the paintings directly from the walls of the museum.
  • Sims with the Lovelorn tense buff will now notice that performing romantic socials (as the buff directs you to do) will in fact decrease the duration of the tense buff.
  • Custom content makeup for toddlers and children should once again function as expected.
  • Locking your doors, then leaving the lot, and then returning, should no longer cause the door lock to fail.
    • Once again you will be able to really keep your little brother out, and stay out!
    • As I always say “Hey little bro, read the sign. It clearly says Depwa Spanewash Depla Blah.”
      • And that’s usually the end of that argument.
  • Sims that show-up for Dance related events (such as Dance Party, Party at the Bluffs, or similar) will now show-up wearing the outfit they have in their Party category, rather than some other randomly assigned attire.

Get to Work

We addressed some issues with the Detective Career:

  • Suspects that were locked in a cell, will still be locked in the cell when you return the next day, and not standing outside.
  • Interacting with criminals or suspects held in their cells should no longer fail to complete.
  • Detectives should now be able to remove Sims locked in their cells to interrogate them.
  • You should no longer be unable to complete the Take Mugshots at the Booking Station, Search Criminals at the Booking Station, or Get Criminals Fingerprints at the Booking Station daily career goals, due to the suspects untimely disappearance from… the Booking Station.
  • And we addressed an issue that could prevent a criminal from properly appearing that matched the clues for the crime in question.

City Living

  • Sims downloaded from the Gallery who had their Insider Trait changed in Create a Sim, will no longer get the Insider Trait sad buff, Miss Hanging Out, from not hanging out…
    • …as they are no longer an Insider that would get sad from such things.
      • Do you think a Sim from the Gallery, who was modified after download, remembers who they were? Do you think they retain some of their former self?
        • Maybe… deep down underneath, and really what’s happening is some sort of dystopian Sim nightmare?

Cats & Dogs

  • The pet vending machine household funds information will now accurately reflect the amount of funds you have, and not some seemingly arbitrary "other" amount.
  • Dogs should no longer stretch into horrible monstrosities (that only a demogorgon from the other side of Hawkins could love), when attempting to grab a toy from the toy box.
  • Kittens will no longer get stuck in Cat Condos.
  • Smart Dogs will no longer whimper at an unlocked door when nature calls.
  • Locking your door will no longer prevent adoption.
    • Baby-gram!
      • Um, no. *click*
    • NO! A locked door?! Oh man… I… I guess I’ll have to take this one home too. The wife is not going to be happy about this.
  • Getting a preventative shot for your pet will no longer put them in a state of perpetual fear.
    • So, so… the shot worked, right? I mean I got the shot, it stung, I felt it. The stuff is there, I'm not gonna get sick, yea? Or... wait a minute, did you just want to stick me with that? That's it, isn’t it! And... are you going to do this to me again? Has our whole life just all been a ruse? Some sort of needle pricking alien experimentation study... that's it, isn't it? You're an alien! Aargh, how do I get out of here?!


  • Vampires should no longer lose various powers after traveling.
    • I'm sorry sir, but travel regulations clearly state pursuant to section alpha-niner, as clarified in Necktie vs Klaatu Barada, that all Bat Form powers must be surrendered prior to any travel within the greater metropolitan area, you understand I’m sure.

Movie Hangout Stuff

  • You can now add the club rule Eat Popcorn to your club!

Backyard Stuff

  • Milly's Dining table will now properly show all color variants when selected.

Toddler Stuff

  • Fixed an issue with the Vita Sail Shades decorative object that was resulting in part of the object appearing blocky in some color variants.
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