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Mass Effect 3

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Electronic Arts
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6.03.2012 (NA); 09.03.2012 (EU)
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Patch 1.02

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    • Date: 07.12.2016

      Short answer: not possible - for both questions.

      Long answer: patch name and checksum vary with each distributor - a Steam patch is different from a Origin patch. Even longer answer: especially GameStop & Origin rely on a patch mechanism which makes it next to impossible to provide checksums since they do not offer a downloadable patch.exe but instead a number of "updated files", which could vary at any time and for each localized patch version. And you cannot even obtain that information without owning the games first and spending some time on collecting these infos - and that's way beyond our scope and possibilities (financial and timewise) as a hobby project.

    • Date: 06.12.2016

      Can you at least tell us what its file name is, and what it's checksum is?