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Stronghold: Crusader 2

Also known as:
Stronghold Crusader II
Firefly Studios
Firefly Studios
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Patch 1.0.22449

Author: Administrator Date: 25.11.15 System:
Bug Fixes
  • Pathfinding optimisations.
  • Added tooltips to in-game shields.
  • Improved movement and usability of Oil Tippers.
  • Fixed Friend / Invite Only lobbies kicking players out.
  • Fixed certain actors that are not allowed on towers warping onto them if they were standing on the ground where a tower is placed. These now warp to the side instead.
  • Improved movement and placement of troops on wall buildings such as Stairs and Barracks.
  • Grid overlay in Map Editor no longer appears red everywhere outside the Player 1 estate.
  • Fixed siege equipment and mounted units that were unable to move onto bridges.
  • Fixed issue preventing publishing to Steam Workshop from the Map Editor.
  • Fixed a bug where player resource production would decrease in larger skirmish games. Thanks FireRanger!
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