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Patch 5.0

Author: Administrator Date: 29.05.17 System:
Updated: Dec 20, 2016

Just a small update after yesterday's launch:

  • Sandbank, Pacific Islands, and Water Nomad maps no longer generate Stork units which was triggering inaccessible dlc unit errors for people that didn't have African Kingdoms.
  • Dracula 3 now loads. / vs \ in embedded AI path names no longer matter for scenario makers.
  • Player profile no longer crashes when creating game for small group of users.
  • Player colors now reset when creating games.

We're looking into the Dracula 3 campaign issue right now and other bugs.

Patch Notes: Dec 19, 2016

We are all very excited! This update includes the support structure for Rise of the Rajas as well as some additional bug fixes. Here is the discussion thread for all of your feedback.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support and we hope you enjoy the new and exciting content coming with Rise of the Rajas.

  • Dat mod support is finally here. If a mod contains a dat file and is published to the Steam Workshop, hosts can now select them when creating a game and people that join that game will automatically subscribe to it.
  • Campaign menu is now fully data driven and you can make custom mods with your own maps and markers.
  • Selection circle under units now update at the same rate as unit movement.
  • Loading into gameplay should no longer drop users (saying game cancelled) as we now ensure the "close lobby" command triggers after "game launch".
  • Spectator button is now visible for Original Data set (if the user owns DLC).
  • Rotating civ pool now has a cleaner format.
  • Maps are now in alphabetized order.
  • Font colors have been tuned to match 4.7 (Open/Closed colors are brighter). Also now moddable. Look for uicolors.txt inside the dat folder.
  • Lock teams option now functions correctly.
  • Display instructions messages/dialogues now respect the editors selected color.
  • Voiceover files are now loading in the appropriate localized versions (where applicable).
  • Campaign El Cid tool tip is now displaying.
  • Campaign El Cid button SFX is now playing.
  • Campaign Sforza 1 now orange gives the player a soldier correctly.
  • Multiple localization fixes have been made.
  • Master of the Forgotten Achievement is now hooked up properly.

Rise of the Rajas -- New Random Maps / Special Maps

Random Maps:

  • Bog Islands
  • Mangrove Jungle
  • Pacific Islands
  • Sandbank
  • Water Nomad

Special Maps

  • Jungle Islands (multiplayer only)
  • Holy Line
  • Border Stones
  • Yin Yan
  • Jungle Lanes

Rise of the Rajas AI improvements:
  • General AI Improvements:
    • Improved boar-luring for AIs. AIs will not send weak villagers to lure boars, nor will they ungarrison weakened villagers if a boar is nearby the Town Center.
    • AIs will not task hunters luring boars to other activities, such as building.
    • Villagers being attacked will not chase attackers indefinetly now, instead returning to their previous task after a few seconds without combat.
    • AI players in the first slot of single player games will receive chat messages from other AIs.
    • Improved building placement performance for AI, especially late game on Islands-like maps.
    • AI scripts can send taunts to themselves again.
    • Add AI script symbols for Rise of the Rajas civilizations and maps.
    • Invalid AI scripts have more descriptive error messages, similar to the original CD release.
    • Fixes for sn-enable-patrol-attack, sn-enable-training-queue, and sn-gather-idle-soldiers.
    • Fixed delete-building script action not working properly

  • New UserPatch Script Support:
    • up-get-fact
    • up-get-fact-min
    • up-get-fact-max
    • up-get-fact-sum
    • up-get-focus-fact
    • up-get-player-fact
    • up-get-target-fact
    • up-build
    • up-can-build
    • up-set-placement-data
    • sn-placement-to-center
    • sn-placement-fail-delta
    • sn-placement-zone-size
    • sn-town-center-placement
    • User-patch operators now supported: c:*, c:/, c:min, c:max, c:mod, c:neg, c:z/, c:%*, c:%/, g:*, g:/, g:min, g:max, g:max, g:neg, g:z, g:%, g:%.

Known Issues:
  • Original AI can cause desyncs in large battles. Recommend avoiding using them in MP games until fixed.

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