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Bau-Simulator 2015

Also known as:
Construction-Simulator 2015
weltenbauer Software Entwicklung GmbH
Astragon [+]
Release date:
18.11.2014 (Steam); 19.11.2014
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Patch 1.4

Author: Administrator Date: 14.07.16 System:


  • Fixed internal crash when exiting the game with (e.g. Alt+F4 on Windows)
  • Improved communication with Steam to determine if the game is running
  • Fixed missing text in Large Excavator tutorial
  • Crawler crane assembly is aborted if the vehicle is sold
  • Sold vehicles get properly unregistered from locations
  • Improved Mod-Vehicle import (e.g. if Shaders are missing)
  • Target indicator implemented for Mod-Vehicles (e.g. Hook-Component)
  • Preview pictures for Mod-Vehicles implemented
  • Outriggers of the small trailer have a larger threshold for their retracted state
  • Improved automatic steering of the Semi LowLoader and the Heavy-duty Trailer to reduce the amount of time it takes for those trailers to re-align themselves
  • Fixed incorrect hydraulics behaviour on excavator shovels
  • [MP] Fixed multiplayer synchronization of Mod-Vehicles (e.g. "Mammoet" Trucks)
  • [MP] Fixed drag of cargo objects already connected to a hook for joining players
  • [MP] Improved initial positioning of cargo objects for joining players
  • [MP] Improved ramp collider behaviour of the Lowboy Trailer for Clients, making it easier to drive vehicles on it
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the update of a player’s active mods after unsubscribing a mod and restarting the game
  • Fixed an issue which would show mission indicators for cargo objects too early in a mission


  • Steam API Update
  • Language added: Turkish
  • Language added: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Mouse cursor gets hidden on inactivity
  • Mod-Vehicles are tagged in the motorpool menu
  • Launch option "-console" activates an ingame error log (Ctrl + ,) which should help with mod debugging
  • Rotating lights stay activated when exiting a vehicle and have to disabled manually
  • If a contract requires the construction site of the hospital, players get an additional prompt to confirm/decline the removal of the hospital.
  • Launch option "-resetSpecialMission" allows players to reset and replay previously finished contracts (e.g. the early stadion missions). This option requires the ID for each mission (e.g. "-resetSpecialMission=m3050_stadium_001"). Applicable missions are:
    • g0000_homebaseCity_001
    • g0000_industrial_001
    • g0000_vehicleTrader_001
    • g2020_hotel_001
    • g2030_developmentArea_001
    • g2030_hollywoodHills_001
    • g2030_hollywoodHills_002
    • g3050_industrial_002
    • m2030_School_001
    • m2030_School_003
    • m2030_specialPool_001
    • m3050_specialPool_002
    • m3050_stadium_001
    • m3050_stadium_002
    • m3050_stadium_003
    • m4040_School_002
  • Added the option to re-import Mods in order to simplify testing. Requires the launch option "-modDebug"
    • Mod-Vehicles can be re-imported by clicking their (new) mod-indicator in the motorpool menu. The vehicle needs to be inactive.
    • All Mod-Missions can be re-imported with the Refresh button in the architect missions menu. Currently active missions aren’t updated before their next start.
  • "Vehicle Hall" added (Motorpool menu)
    • Vehicles can be stored, allowing players to have a larger amount of vehicles in their possession
    • Running expenses for stored vehicles are halved
    • Automatically unlocked with the acquisition of the larger company grounds
    • Max amount of active vehicles: 30 (6, before acquiring the larger company grounds)
  • When creating an multiplayer game, players can enter a short description of their game, which will be visible to other players in the game’s lobby before joining
  • The following settings of a multiplayer game can be changed retrospectively:
    • Password
    • Max Players
    • Game Description
    • Min. Player Level

Mod Editors
We also updated the mod editors for missions and vehicles. You can find them in the corresponding discussions in steam.

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