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IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

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1C Company
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Patch 1.008

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:
  • Custom user made plane skins can now be used on unranked server in Multiplayer, in single missions and in Quick mission mode;
  • IL2BOS Skin viewer added (can be found bin\viewer folder);
  • GUI color of nations can be switched now (red<->blue);
  • 'Navigation markers' option added that allows to turn on/off your plane's icon and waypoints both on the map and in 3D (it's ON by default on Normal and Expert modes);
  • Chat message sounds were changed;
  • Some bugs with object markers on the map related to custom difficulty settings were fixed;
  • The issue with the message about a new available chapter appearing one mission later was fixed;
  • The issue with the main menu showing instead of the level map when connected to a server was fixed;
  • 'Return to base' command to AI was fixed;
  • All chat messages in Single missions, Quick mission and Campaign are now marked with player's name, not the system name;
  • The 'Bot" word was replaced with 'Enemy plane' in techno chat;
  • In Messages about changed view settings and messages about saved SNAP views were added to techno chat;
  • AI fighters now apply a more complicated ground assault pattern on a bomb run;
  • AI should now be dropping unarmed bombs before landing;
  • AI will no longer try to attack one more ground target if it's too close to the first one and if that could be risky;
  • In Campaign the AI planes will now return to base if they lack fuel, ammo, or have been damaged;
  • In Quick Mission the issue with takeoff of AI planes and autopilot was fixed;
  • The program module that controlled aerodynamics of FW 190 A-3 beyond stall angles of attack was enabled (had been there before, we just forgot to enable it after testing);
  • Pilot can no longer poke his head out of the canopy on high speeds;
  • Fuel indicator now switches to the next tank every 10 seconds both in flight and on the runway. If a tank is empty the indicator won't show that tank;
  • Proximity of fire in fuel tank or engine now depends on the projectile energy. For instance, the chance to set a fuel tank on fire depends not only on rate of fire but also on bullet's caliber and muzzle velocity. Only AP ammo can cause fire while HE rounds burst when hitting the sheathing and can only tear through the tank, but can't set it ablaze;
  • The bug with a plane ‘floating’ after landing from a high altitude was fixed;
  • Radial engines on La-5 and FW 190 were made more sturdy;
  • A plane counts as destroyed (kill point added; crew bails out; icon disappears; mission trigger activates) if it's fuel tank is on fire now because it's impossible to extinguish the fire anyway;
  • Shock wave influence on several planes fixed (it used to hit only one plane in the area);
  • Gun crews can be damaged from bigger distances;
  • Gunfight sounds added to Stalingrad;
  • Additional tuning was done to stability and controllability of planes in the yaw axis so wobbling on gliding angle was significantly reduced;
  • The bug with invisible brake flaps when BK-37 is installed was fixed;
  • The issue with radio comms when they didn't contain any call sign was fixed;
  • The rare issue with projectiles, shells and bombs being marked with "Attack this target' icon was fixed;
  • The bug with trains on the Novosokolniki map in Quick Mission was fixed;
  • All invisible obstacles (that we’d discovered) on all airfields were removed.
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