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IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

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1C Company
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Patch 1.004

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

    1. German localization added;
    2. The menu of radio commands, gestures and commands to gunner added, use ~ to open it;
    3. Fixed game crashes that happened while closing the application;
    4. Fixed game crashes in Campaign;
    5. Fixed game crashes when completing a mission in Campaign;
    6. TrackIR driver should now load the game profile automatically.
    7. A key to switch base level between pressure on the friendly airfield and the standard pressure level (LAlt + A)
    8. More detailed controls for bombs and rockets added: salvos (LWin+B , LWin+R) and series (LCtrl+B) of dropping and launching are controllable; all available options depend on the plane (functionality for the bombsight will be added later);
    9. Indicators of remaining bombs added to planes that did have it;
    10. Animation of buttons for releasing bombs and launching rockets added;
    11. Separate controls for inlet cowl shutters on the La-5 engine added (LCtrl+Minus / LCtrl+Equals);
    12. Armored vehicle BA-10? added;
    13. Anti tank cannon ZIS-2 added;
    14. Background color on German instruments was corrected according to the standard;
    15. Ju 87 3D model visual bug corrected;
    16. The AI should now correctly estimate the amount of remaining fuel so it’ll be enough for them to return home;
    17. AI landing procedure has been fixed for the cases when they are damaged or require fuel;
    18. Spotter is giving orders for assault planes and bombers first in the interception missions;
    19. Spotter stops tracking the targets that leave it’s zone of coverage;
    20. Turret gun cooling fixed, now it depends on the plane’s flight speed
    21. Fuel consumption of Ju 87 and He 111 fixed;
    22. Max speed of manual stabilizer repositioning on Bf 109 was reduced to last 5 seconds;
    23. Detached plane parts keep all the details as they were before the part was torn off of the aircraft (aerial brakes, bomb hatches, gears, etc.);
    24. Hitting turret gun weapons should have a correct visual effect now;
    25. Taxing on the Kotelnichesky airfield fixed in the Campaign’s 3rd chapter;
    26. Watermark with the game logo and nickname was removed from the upper left corner;

    Update 1.004 also includes the hot-fix for 1.003:
    27. Ground attack planes should now spawn correctly in corresponding interception missions; ?
    28. Hitting utmost spans of bridges should now be counting as proper hits in Campaign;
    29. Starting a mission with overheated machineguns and engine was fixed in Campaign;
    30. Stats counter fixed in Campaign;
    31. Dserver has a 32 players limit;
    32. Dserver automatically turns the Win OS “High power” when launched;
    33. Damaged and detached bomb hatches now look correctly on IL-2;
    34. All damage visuals should now be preserved on all plane’s parts, including the detached ones;
    35. A damaged turret remains that way when a new player takes place in it in MP;
    36. Sequence of reading preset config files fixed.

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