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IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

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Patch 1.009

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

1. Oxygen system added. In case when it’s damaged or when runs out of oxygen, the pilot will suffer more severe overloads on high altitudes;
2. Fixed rudder wobbling when control rods are broken;
3. The stick doesn’t wobble when shooting any more in a plane parked with its engine off and at calm weather;
4. The bounce of the stabilizer that used to bother pilots tuning it for Bf 109 was fixed;
5. Default yaw trimming for Yak-1 was fixed; the plane is now trimmed for combat flight speed;
6. The approach to default roll and yaw trimming changed: it is now working as trimming with rods that should return to combat speed position when released to neutral position;
7. Fixed tabs on Bf 109 and Fw 190 were tuned so that the default stabilizer position is now more convenient;
8. Yak-1 and IL-2 flaps are now influenced by the incoming airflow as the speed increases (at about 250km/h)
9. Landing flaps can now stuck or break off at speeds that exceed the normal speed which these elements are supposed to withstand;
10. Plane is now shaking and can get it’s landing gears broken away when flying at high speed with the gears down;
11. Open bomb hatch should now affect the air drag;
12. Flap control lever on Yak-1 was fixed: it should not be shaking at high engine revs and should not return to neutral position when the flaps are down;
13. He-111 trimming range corrected, it is now possible to trim the plane for horizontal flight at any speed;
14. Excessive jumping behavior of Pe-2 tuned to bet the same like in reference videos;
15. Fixed the issue with engine not starting at all after a failed attempt to start;
16. The bug with transparent elements attaching to ripped off parts of He 111 was fixed;
17. It is now posible to shoot off wheels from the landing gears of Pe-2 and He 111;
18. The lag between hits and visual effects of impact was minimized;
19. HE and fragmentation ammo influence on armoured elements fixed: they are now properly protected from low caliber hits;
20. Armour penetration ammo has also been more precisely tuned;
21. Ground crews are now running away correctly from exploding vehicle;
22. An issue with ground vehicles placed near each other not exploding in Multilayer was fixed;
23. Airframe durability has been tuned and increased in most of the cases adding more resistance to direct hits;
24. Fixed abrupt blackouts that pilots of Bf 109 experienced when using flaps while the slats are out;
25. Fixed abrupt blackouts when putting up the gears right after takeoff;
26. A rolling gear wheel aerodynamics fixed. This should decrease the chance of nose over and as a result make landing a bit easier;
27. Excessive snow dust effects created by a falling wheel removed;
28. All radial engines in the game got their durability incresed;
29. An opportunity to extinguish fire in the fuel tanks on flight. To do that increase speed and sideslip;
30. Gun spread was recalculated. German fixed weaponry got horizontal spread decreased by 50%;
31. MG/FF cannons on Fw 190 A-3 and He 11 H-6 got their horizontal spread decreased according to the reference;
32. Horizontal spread of turret guns in case of overheat has been increased;
33. Several Campaign and Dserver crashes have been fixed;
34. Engine and wind sounds shouldn't clip and disappear when played simultaneously with numerous bullet and shell impacts;
35. AI bombers should now correctly drop the bombs after the Do Like Me command;
36. AI will not bail out instantly but with a random delay;
37. Significantly improved the situation with hit sounds in Multiplayer;
38. AI stay in formation when an enemy fighter is spotted;
39. Invisible tracers fixed in Multiplayer;
40. AI dive bombers Ju 87 and Pe-2 will do vertical dive bombing only if the need to spend not more than 2 minutes to gain the necessary altitude; next dives the do will be flat ones;
41. AI should now return to the home base if damaged or leaking fuel;
42. AI that go to home base because of low ammo or minor damage should now be going on max speed;
43. AI that was damaged, or has low fuel or zero ammo will now perform evasive maneuvers on its way to the home base;
44. Light BT-7M tank added;
45. La-5 canopy framing was slightly corrected;
46. In Campaign and Quick mission, a transport convoy will move off the road and spread if attacked from the air;
47. Full player list on the server added;
48. It is now possible to vote to kickban a player (for 24 hours by default);
49. AI controlled Ju 87 are now using flaps correctly on takeoff;
50. Excessive wobbling on roll axis that appeared during dive maneuvers on Ju 87 was removed;
51. AI planes will start engines again if they fail to do that at first attempt;
52. It is now possible to mark players on the server; marked players have purple icons;
53. Ground target markers are now shown on all the objects, not their group leaders only;
54. Distance is now shown on markers of ground targets (3km and less for group leaders and 1km for each object);
55. Full mission editor added <game_folder>\bin\editor\STEditor.exe;
56. Dedicated server added <game_folder>\bin\game\DServer.exe;
57. Remote control console for the dedicated server added <game_folder>\bin\console\;
58. It is now possible to set a pool of missions to put the to rotation on a ranked server. To add a mission to the pool you need to contact us;
59. Two multiplayer missions created by DED team added to this version to begin testing of the ranked servers system;
60. HUD is now turning red when the plane is near stall, or suffering from flatter;
61. The issue with bomb fuses turning off before landing was fixed;
62. Ranked server are now marked with red badges in the server list;
63. AAA should now cover transport convoys in Quick Mission;
64. Snowy ground textures improved;
65. When the bomb hatch is open the wind noise can be heard.

And of course dedicated server is one of the key parts of the update. Everyone can now run their own multiplayer mission. Note that at this stage we’re offering you a Beta version of the server software which implies some simple rules of its use.

To start a server you need to be authorized on the Master serve with a game account. And since it is not possible to play and host with the same account simultaneously, you might need an extra account. But of course you don’t have to buy a new key for this purpose - you can use one of our specially prepared Dserver accounts. To get login and password to such account you need to submit a request at our Customer service helpdesk.

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