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IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Stalingrad

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1C Company
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Patch 1.107b

Author: Administrator Date: 23.02.16 System:
1. Crash dump files saving added. There is a special forum thread #1 for submitting such a file if you encounter a game crash, helping us to find and fix it;
2. Workaround for 'invisible planes' bug added (it doesn't fix the cause of their appearance since it is still unknown but eliminates its consequence);
3. Logging for 'invisible planes' bug added (we'll create a special forum thread #2 about it to collect logs submitted by players);
4. Logging for 'incorrectly attached bombs/rockets/turrets' bug added (we'll create a special forum thread #3 about it to collect logs submitted by players);
5. Performance in the first Soviet scenario mission (first, summer, chapter of Stalingrad campaign) improved;
6. Crash that could happen while playing back large recorded tracks has been fixed. Unfortunately, tracks recorded in previous versions of the game won't work;
7. Compatibility with third party overlay software improved (for example, Steam and Teamspeak overlays);
8. It will be possible to tell which side controls an airfield before choosing your own allegiance in multiplayer;
9. Multiplayer mission author will be able to specify a range of allowed unlocks, not just individual ones;
10. IL-2 sight can be moved back and forth using LAlt-F command;
11. Light reflection and relief detail improved on thin metal parts of IL-2 model 1941, IL-2 model 1942, I-16 type 24, MiG-3 series 24, Pe-2 series 35, Pe-2 series 87, LaGG-3 series 29, La-5 series 8, P-40E-1, Ju 87 D-3, Bf 110 E-2 and MC.202 series VIII;
12. MC.202 cockpit canopy textures improved;
Physics changes:
13. Fineness ratios of all planes were re-checked with their flaps extended. Fineness ratio was decreased for LaGG-3 series 29, La-5 series 8, Yak-1 series 69, IL-2 (both) and P-40E-1. Other planes fineness ratios were found to be correct.
14. Twin turret machine guns are now reloaded one after another (not simultaneously);
15. Bf 109 F-2 radiator functioning in manual mode was corrected: it opens fully, but slower. There are contradicting sources available - text one and hydraulic schematic. Text one says "die kuhlerklappen durch den luftdruck geoffnet" which means that radiator was opened by approach flow. However early Bf 109 F-2 hydraulic schematic shows that radiator was manually opened by fixing the valve in 'open' position. After discussion we decided to follow the schematic.
16. MiG-3 cooling system has been corrected: now it requires opening its radiator to degrees similar to other Soviet aircraft, but at higher altitudes (since its power output maxes out at higher altitudes);
17. MiG-3 elevator trimmer won't work if the right side of the elevator is lost (where trim tab is located).
18. Engine thermal model and thermostat corrected for all Bf 109 planes. Engine temperature maintained by thermostat and radiator effectiveness in relation to a degree of its opening and air conditions correspond to reference data better.
19. Coolant indicator 3D model corrected for all Bf 109 planes.
21. He-111 bomb sight has gyroscopic stabilization effective at small roll angles as it should.
Other changes and fixes:
22. Selected modifications won't reset after re-entering the modifications screen;
23. Spotters correctly spot enemy aircraft closer than specified distance (with the exception of ground vehicles - they can be detected only closer than 3 km);
24. Track playback progress bar corrected;
25. AI gunners will fire at any enemy planes, not only fighters;
26. Various graphical bugs caused by crossroads fixed (missing road parts, etc.);
27. Airfields and taxi ways pavement corrected for autumn Lapino map;
28. Roads look correctly in overcast light conditions;
29. La-5 canopy texture mapping fixed as requested by skin authors (it is no longer symmetric);
30. Fixed texture shimmering in Pe-2 series 35 gunner cockpit;
31. Fixed rare 'grass lines' on rivers;
32. Mission editor won't crash after repeated loading of missions containing many objects.
33. Short bombing missions in the campaign start two times farther from a target to give players more time to aim;
34. A random issue with spontaneous tank gun reloading fixed;
35. An issue with T-34 headlight when viewing it from the cockpit was fixed.
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