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Wings over Flanders Fields Expansion

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WoFF Expansion
OBD Software
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Patch 2.02

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

1) AI bombing is now less accurate and depends on pilot skill and altitude.

2) QC Engagements - the AI now make attacking move decisions more quickly at the start of the mission.

3) Player/Bombardier Control switching into and out of autopilot mode no longer results in craft heading off in a straight 'bombing' line (when player stays in Bombardier control, but may change views to external and forget).

4) Fix for bad AI behaviour when player takes control of the aircraft during a bomb run and later returns control to the AI.

5) Fix for bad AI aircraft handling during turn before bomb run that could result in a bomb being dropped incorrectly.

6) QC Locations and Flight type options revised for Bombers.

7) Aris Cloud textures now included in WOFF2.0 - thanks to ArisFuser.  Thanks ArisFuser!

8) Microsoft Direct X 9 Redistributable Pack now included in Toolbox\DX9Redist.

9) Reduced sound volume of aircraft diving on fire/damaged.

10) Fixed a bug whereby the players Observer hours and flight count were not incrementing.

11) Various aircraft model improvements and fixes:

AIbatros D.II       -   External model cockpit panel wood texture remapped to darker wood.
SPAD V.II           -   Improved and fixed some small vents in external model.
Sopwith Snipe    -  New improved cockpit interior and dials for external models, fixed rib showing
                           when close up. Improved gun barrels end.
Bristol Scout D   -  Corrected cowl and fuselage join.
Fokker E.V        -  Fixed panel showing externally (should be internal only). Some Virtual cockpit fixes on panels.
Morane 'Parasol'    Type L - Fixed external cockpit dial texture missing ..yuk.
Gotha G.IV        -   Some Nuts on port engine position corrected.  They have agreed not to do it again.
Nieuport 17/Lewis/23/Lewis - Fixed external headrest hole.  Improved external model cockpit inside area
                           added dial and darkened some areas.
Nieuport 11      -   Very minor fuselage fix for gap visible from odd angle.
RAF R.E.8          -   Improved external model cockpit area.
S.E.5.a/SPAD X.III - Fixed some wing ribs showing through when viewed up close.
Rumpler C.IV       - Rear of gunner turret was showing black -corrected, other minor fix.

12) Fixed a database issue with Defence Flight Dover squadron (July 1917 specific).

13) Mission Results Details page will no longer close on spacebar or escape buttons to allow results screen capture by 3rd Party apps.

14) Fixed a database error in Jasta 24 (8 Jan 1917 specific).

15) Fixed a loadout issue with flares in the DH2 series of machines.

16) Improved rear gunner performance - they are more aware. Note this might make attacking 2 seaters with fighter craft more risky  however users can adjust rear gunner accuracy in workshops up or down to suit.  (Note we have not adjusted accuracy).

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