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Wings over Flanders Fields Expansion

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Patch 2.16

Author: Administrator Date: 04.12.16 System:

* * * NOTE:  Latest  WOFF Expansion updates/patches always includes ALL previous ones * * * 

So normally you only ever need the latest patch to get fully up to date for WOFF EXPANSION!  

(Small "Hotfixes" are the exception but we have only had one of those ;) ).



This update patch is ONLY for WOFF EXPANSION.


18 February 2016

 Version 2.16 4238 


1)  Fixed certain interface screens to suit new ultra widescreen monitors


2)  Roll Rate loss fix under certain conditions implemented on all aircraft.

    Now you have more time to get a hole in the head.

3)  Revised entry date for Fok EIV


15 January 2016

 Version 2.15 4238 


1) Missing textures for Aviatiks corrected

2) Improvements to the way default skins are assigned to AI squads


3 December 2015

 Version 2.14 4238 


1) Issue with ESC 62 squad, caused errors with some campaign missions on 23/11/1917 and 25/11/1917.  Fixed.

2) FA(A)257 missing homefield error from 1 April 1918 rectified (no it wasn't April Fool ;))  


26 October 2015

Version 2.13 4238 


1) Various Terrain tile hue adjustments to suit latest shaders.

2) Some Skin name fixes (for example Aviatik, some Morane, and Nieuport 12 (for Addon3) will be availale to use in campaign and in Quick Combat.

3) New core content for Addon 3

4) Some minor fixes to BE2 series aircraft configuration file.

5) Revision to burn out process of fatally damaged aircraft - now slower allowing more of the effects to be seen, and more variety. 


23 July 2015

 Version 2.12 4238 


1) Fixed a mapping issue with the Sopwith Snipe.

2) AI vision distance revised slightly.

3) Runtime can no longer run at less than 1.0 x speed.


12 July 2015

 Version 2.11 4238 


1) Implemented a workaround for incorrectly named Se5a Viper skins (not showing in campaign).

2) Improved Gotha tunnel gunner view texture mapping.

3) Fixed some effects not correctly rendering after previous patch.

4) AI tweaks to improve ground based intercept flights (usually seen waiting ready on field), bombing and target acquisition, and other actions.

5) Fixed some French Squads where the Nieuport N11 craft was not available - Esc 102 15 23 ....


6 July 2015

 Version 2.10 4238 


1) Reverted to 2.05 smoke trail effects to solve an issue that some users are seeing with gaps in the rendering. 2.08 effects will be an optional install in the downloads section.

Those that prefer the 2.09 effects can download them separately here.  NOTE there is NO support for issues with these, they look better but have rendering issues on some PCs.  Do not discuss or ask on forums or support.

2) Albatros DIII OAW service life extended to early 1918 for claims.

3) An error in claims accounting could arise under certain circumstances - fixed. Issue introduced when the claims form button was implemented.

4) RNAS Admiralty designation  type17B Nieuport name changed to indicate more clearly to player that its a Nieuport 11.

5) Aircraft: Sopwith Pup fixed gun flash, and realigned DM box for gun. 

 Sopwith Snipe tweaked X wires further. Sopwith Strutter B1 fixed see through area around pilot in certain views, and other minor improvements.

6) Added squadron RNAS 2.


2 July 2015

 Version 2.09 4238 


1)  Increased base altitude for operations in hilly and or mountainous terrain regions.

2)  Included DX9 shaders fix from 2.07 hotifx.

3)  Fixed several aircraft F6 views.

 Rumpler C.IV crashing when switching to F6 cockpit view.

Fixed several other aircraft F6 views to be more consitent.  Nieuport 11, 16, N24 lewis, N24 Bis Lewis, SE5, Sopwith Camel, All Albatros D.III series, All Albatros D.V and D.Va series, Fokker E.V. 

Slightly improved models: Nieuport 28 , Nieuport 24 and 24 bis models to allow a little more view of gunsight and tracers.  Rumpler C.IV added gunsight and F6 view for it for the forward gun.

4)  Minor texture fix Aviatik B.I and B.II engine.

5)  Fixed issue with certain months skipping last day of the month in campaign.


29 June 2015

 Version 2.08 4238 


1) Lechelle is no longer held captive by the Allies in Germany held territory in Aug 1918.

2) Some effects and sounds improved.

3) Fixed a bug whereby under certain circumstances a pilot 'death' occurs (pilot dossier deceased state) even when hospitalised/recovered and or escaped - bug introduced in 2.06.

4) Separated Claims and Promotions difficulty settings.

5) Unlimited Fuel and Ammo setting in workshop non functional in 2.06 - fixed.

6) Fixed a sound variation issue whereby front sounds were being copied to the wrong folder.

7) QC Top cover flight now only allocated a payload if their principle role is bomber or ground attack.

8) Sometimes enemy craft skins in QC were not being selected correctly - fixed.

9) Revised Damage Model for all aircraft. Mimics passthrough / low damage of bullet hitting nothing but canvas etc. Also changes for bullets to deflect of some objects like tanks, fuel ,oil, coolant, engine and so on. Probability to damage ailerons and cables reduced so controls will generally stay more active when hit (although not always).   Change is to all craft but Add-on craft is in their respective separate downloads.

10) Minor model changes:  R.E.8 aircraft model - added basic bombsite view (to also enable mods to be used with it).  Sopwith Snipe realigned some wires.

11) Removed most extra F6 views from cockpit views to enable fast F6 to gunish and back to normal view.  Most people know how to look around (head tracking, hat panning with scroll lock off etc), and F5 brings up instruments for some that need.

12)  Terrain Detail High option removed from workshops.  Now intelligently enables when Terrain is on 3, 4 or 5. When set to 1 or 2 (lower quality) it's now set to low detail automatically.


11 June 2015

 HOTFIX Version 2.07 4238   (needs v2.06 installed)     UPDATE: 30 June 3015 now included in 2.08.


1)  New implementation of Sun Glare to fix some ATI/AMD GPU/driver problems using Sun Glare on, or Cloud Shadows enabled.  Please apply this hot fix over v2.06.

It is for AMD/ATI GPU users who have a crash/problem with sun glare and/or cloud shadow enabled  (via WOFF's Workshop menu). Many ATI users are fine too and may not need it either.  You will know if this is you :)

You do not need it if you have Nvidia or you have ATI that runs Sun Glare or Cloud shadow 'on' fine, however it will be in v2.09 anyway so you may as well install it.


10 June 2015

Version 2.06dc 4238


1)  Fixed a bug in 'default settings' function in workshops.

2)  Fixed a Tool tip text error in workshops encounters settings.

3)  Ensured Altitude errors in Squadron Typical ops database does not affect mission routing.

4)  Fixed a bug whereby when 'Landing' was selected in QC, pressing altitude up or down would cause a runtime crash.

5)  Added a 'very light' Regional Air Activity in Workshops settings to help those will lesser CPU/GPU power.

6)  Added a Workshop setting to allow player to always have the closest target available allocated.

    This is in mission generation, with this option on WOFF will always pick a near target (if one is available). This feature is for those of us with busy lives to be able to run shorter campaign missions, avoiding long flights.  If you cannot find a near target, for example you are based in Paris, then choose another squadron or date.

7)  Runtime Ulimited Fuel and Unlimited Ammunition now combined in one setting for 'trainee' players.

8)  DX shader improvements included:

    Improved sky and horizon lighting at sunrise/sunset.  

    Major rework of aircraft shine and reflectivity.  

    Slightly blinding effect for sun glare -- beware of the Hun in the sun ;)

    Increased terrain brightness at morning/evening. 

    Fixed “diamond shaped shadow” bug for terrain shadows.

    Bug fixes.

9)  Sunglare setting in Workshops now works with the new DX shaders.

10) Aircraft fixes: 

    DH5 fixed rogue engine part in model.

    Fokker EIV and N24 fixed gun DM box alignment in model.

    Morane L fixed engine mapping, improved blur prop. Fixed DM for cables.  Altered model to allow better shader support.

    N10,N11,N16,N24(all), Fok EIII,EIV. Gun DM fixed 

    BE2c BE2c early, BE12, added new clinometer and fixed a few minor cockpit errors.

    Fixed a problem with the Sopwith Camel's Airspeed indicator now should go above 125mph

11)  Improved: Excessive Aircraft Damage was sometimes affecting pilot health in outcomes.

12)  Improved Shoreline graphics

13) Changed the time at which searchlights became active in Autumn and Winter

14) Fixed an issue in Quick Combat whereby in certain regions an error would occur when selecting the Gotha as there are no heavy bomber fields available in that region and/or time frame.

15) New effects such as new bullet tracer effect (more visible) and  new flak explosions.


23 February 2015

Version 2.05 4238


1) All Claims are now processed irrespective of validity at time of filling in a claim form - or course erroneous claims will be rejected but they are now processed through the system.

2) Gunner Rear Health status is now shown to player in TAC or onscreen messages (if those are enabled).

3) Various model fixes:

Sop Tripe (& 2 gun)     -    Fixed rudder pivot and aileron in distance model.

S.E.5, S.E.5a               -   Still prop showed sometimes with blurred prop in distance - fixed.

  BE2c HD                       -  Fixed gun sight view.

  Hannover                     -   Fixed gunner angle when viewed at distance, also improved lowest LOD

  Nieuport 17, 17 Lewis, 17 bis, 23, 23 Lewis   

                                      - Fixed lowest LOD wheel pivot, added wing tips there too and struts.    

4) Revised FM sideslip behaviours of all aircraft, and adjusted roll off behaviours.  Also subtle improvements in many aircraft. For example DR1 is now able to flat turn with some slight aileron, adjusted some stall behaviours. 

5) Fixed a bug whereby 2 Seater Ground Attack craft were being inadvertently escorted on occasions (mission would not parse (load) ).

6) Improved 2 Seater Ground Attack mission types.

7) Fixed a duplicated Ace in database.


13 Dec 2014

Version 2.04 4236


1) Clicking air-start in the mission briefing screen would sometimes regenerate a different mission - fixed.

2) Time Advance of a Day Week or Month now resets any 'rerun orders' from the CO.


12 Dec 2014

  Version 2.03 4236


1) Fixed a bug in Workshops display for Vsync settings.  VSync was still applied correctly just visually the select box button reverted to default on re-entering the Workshops.

2) Tweaked flight complements for AI Flights and Player Flights to be even more historically accurate over the years.

3) Fixed a bug whereby sometimes Ground Attack squads were rated as Dual Role and incorrectly looked for Observers.

4) Rear gunner/ Front Gunner hit sounds added to two seaters.

5) Some occasional fatal exceptions in mission validation changed to warnings and logged - missions are now also auto corrected.

6) Maximum craft in a flight extended from 8 to 10 - affects flights mostly in 1918 in Flanders - squad dependant.

7) Small flights in 1917 and 1918 should no longer be created for regional activity.

8) Gotha Night Ops start date now moved to 1/9/17.

9) Fixed a bug whereby certain Aces Kill tallies were not reported correctly in the Duty Room Roster - but were correct in their Dossiers - this only affected a few Aces.

10) Fixed a possible Text Draw bug in DX9 Shaders

11) Fixed the Snipe's bomb load (was not visible) and removed rockets from available loadouts as they did not carry rockets.

12) Fixed a bug whereby a GAI flight could sometimes, under certain circumstances, be setup with Bombers (DFWs cannot do offensive duty bug)

13) Morane Type L contact points revised.

14) Tweaked observer /gunner damage (often he was taken out with 1 hit - so he would seem not responsive - being dead does that).


3 Dec 2014

 Version 2.02 4234


1) AI bombing is now less accurate and depends on pilot skill and altitude.

2) QC Engagements - the AI now make attacking move decisions more quickly at the start of the mission.

3) Player/Bombardier Control switching into and out of autopilot mode no longer results in craft heading off in a straight 'bombing' line (when player stays in Bombardier control, but may change views to external and forget).

4) Fix for bad AI behaviour when player takes control of the aircraft during a bomb run and later returns control to the AI.

5) Fix for bad AI aircraft handling during turn before bomb run that could result in a bomb being dropped incorrectly.

6) QC Locations and Flight type options revised for Bombers.

7) Aris Cloud textures now included in this update for WOFF2.0 !  Many Thanks to ArisFuser!

8) Microsoft Direct X 9 Redistributable Pack now included in Toolbox\DX9Redist.

9) Reduced sound volume of aircraft diving on fire/damaged.

10) Fixed a bug whereby the players Observer hours and flight count were not incrementing.

11) Various aircraft model improvements and fixes:


AIbatros D.II       -   External model  cockpit panel wood texture remapped to darker wood.

 SPAD V.II            -   Improved and fixed some small vents in external model.

 Sopwith Snipe    -  New improved cockpit interior and dials for external models, fixed rib showing

                            when close up. Improved gun barrels end.

  Bristol Scout D   -  Corrected cowl and fuselage join.

 Fokker E.V          -  Fixed panel showing externally (should be internal only). Some Virtual cockpit fixes on panels.

  Morane 'Parasol'    Type L -  Fixed external cockpit dial texture missing ..yuk.

 Gotha G.IV        -   Some Nuts on port engine position corrected.  They have agreed not to do it again. 

 Nieuport 17/Lewis/23/Lewis - Fixed external headrest hole.  Improved external model cockpit inside area

                            added dial and darkened some areas.

 Nieuport 11       -   Very minor fuselage fix for gap visible from odd angle.  

 RAF  R.E.8           -   Improved external model cockpit area.

S.E.5.a/SPAD X.III - Fixed some wing ribs showing through when viewed up close.

 Rumpler C.IV       - Rear of gunner turret was showing black -corrected, other minor fix.


12) Fixed a database issue with Defence Flight Dover squadron (July 1917 specific).

13) Mission Results Details page will no longer close on spacebar or escape buttons to allow results screen capture by 3rd Party apps.

14) Fixed a database error in Jasta 24 (8 Jan 1917 specific).

15) Fixed a loadout issue with flares in the DH2 series of machines.

16) Improved rear gunner performance - they are more aware. Note this might make attacking 2 seaters with fighter craft more risky  however users can adjust  rear gunner accuracy in workshops up or down to suit.  (Note we have not adjusted accuracy).


25 Nov 2014

 Version 2.01 4231


1)   Pilot Hit sound sometimes playing in players cockpit without bullet strike (remote sound) - worked around  for V2.01.

2)   Zeppelins damage modelling hardness increased , Cruise Altitude increased to more realistic levels and defence systems improved - Note Zeppelins are large slow gas bags they will be relatively easy to destroy once within gun range.

3)   Gothas in QC missions are now limited to Bomber airfields only.

4)   Gun flash on BE2c HD corrected now is in the correct place co-incident with the gun



IMPORTANT: Make sure you exit WOFF completely if it is running and wait a few moments. Download the update zip file and open the zip file.  Make sure you have WOFF EXPANSION installed !

Run the application (for example WingsOverFlandersFieldsPhase4_PatchV2.03 or similar named) application by double clicking on it.   It should run, and prompt you to continue. After it finishes installing WOFF will be updated to the latest version.  if it fails then check you have the right patch go read the Download page again.

Once completed run WOFF and go to Workshop menu, check the version bottom right it should display something like "V2.03 4236" when 2.03 has been installed. 

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