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OMSI 2 - Der Omnibussimulator

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Patch 2.2.032

Author: Administrator Date: 14.10.15 System:

The publisher recommend the following precautions:

  • Please backup the most important files. Steam still overwrites files and folders that are not part of the update.
  • Please remove your addons before updating and add them to your game again one by one. Determining an addon causing problems is much easier that way!
  • If you have installed the "4GB patch" before, please make sure to patch your OMSI.exe again after updating.

The following changes have been made:

  • Defective spawn of scheduled AI cars corrected
  • Entrypoint listing of wrong maps as well as range errors at OMSI 1 maps corrected - this change also concerns Neuendorf!
  • AI bus 'landing' improved --> This bug caused large tailbacks at Rathaus Spandau from time to time.
  • One possible reason for defective Steam addon activation fixed
  • Map bugs corrected:

    • Klosterstr./Altonaer Str.: Turning left is now possible + proper ped ford
    • Klosterstr./Borkumer Str.: Buggy polygons corrected
    • Area of bus stop U-Bhf. Altstadt Spandau: Correction of height on multiple objects at Havel bridge
    • Falkensee from 2.5.1994: Height correction of the new service stop; Removal of the previous one
    • Turnaround Freudstr.: Height correction sand box, lamp and service stop
    • Blasewitzer Ring/Reclamweg: Street gab closed
    • Sandstr.: Shining though ground removed
    • Falkenseer Chaussee/Siegener Str.: Missing traffic light post added
    • Ruhlebener Str. west of Pichelswerderstr.: Shining through ground removed
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