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Patch 9.0.50

Author: Administrator Date: 03.11.15 System:
  • In High volatility, more use of variability in AI decisions on alliances, wars
  • In increased volatility, more chance of AI attacks against protected (sphere ally) regions
  • Volatility increases movement of diplomatic relations and belli over time
  • Idle wars will improve relations and reduce belli over time
  • treatyintegrity and externalintegrity will gradually increase (dip difficulty related, civ appr too)
  • Belli is gained against largest army / largest build cap (2020 style, reduced)
  • wmapproval and subsidyrate gradually rise over time, based on civ approval
  • AI consider idle war in peace offers (prevent endless wars)
  • Ruler AI - "nosphere" game option expanded to more alliances / war calculations
  • Improvements to some random factors
  • Petrol, Electricity, and Finished goods production & use multipliers will gradually increase from SR1936 to SRCW/2020 values (10x and 20x) over 10 years
  • Node production will slowly increase/decrease if less/greater than world demand (not U)
  • Fixed bug preventing regions selling colony stocks to market (ie rubber) causing hoarding
  • Increased AI frequency of trade offers for goods with incoming trade source (ie colony)
  • AI regions will offer los/transit/mutualdef first before an alliance offer
  • More possibility for AI regions with smaller armies to declare war in "gang up" situation
  • Greater emphasis to ally / war with bordering regions
  • greater use of aistance (.scenario file) and playeraistance (.cvp file) for decisions
  • Clean up AI thread random number functions to new standard
  • Belli no longer has gradual decline on maps with AI stance above normal
  • If govt falls in AI region that is not part of superpower alliance, then major policy and relations shift (except if volatility is lowest)
  • Reported region-fall crash fixed, somehow. Original cause unknown.
  • AI regions-not-at-war issue with not researching units resolved
  • Minor UI fixes related to UN territory
  • Games will begin with a wider range of election dates starting 2 years out
  • US Election dates now progress when leader doesn't change
  • State Department democracy ETT now shows polls of inspected region properly
  • Considerable refactor/fixing of AI Region Enemy/Offer Peace code
  • Fixed issue where AI Regions would negotiate with colonies instead of parents
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