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Patch 9.0.52

Author: Administrator Date: 06.01.2016 System:
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    • Date: 16.07.2016

      Patch Please

    • Date: 11.06.2016

      PLZ upload updates in any torrent website...

    • Date: 18.05.2016

      Like with any other Steam-only patch: We are legally not allowed to offer any downloadable patch here.We have tried numerous times to come a solution which allows us to host these files - but unless Steam/Valve, the developers and publishers give us permission, this is simply not possible.

    • Date: 17.05.2016

      i need patch pls

    • Date: 30.04.2016

      can u provide us the change log? will it update the game if we just copy paste the new change log and replace the old?

    • Date: 30.04.2016

      I need the patch badly.. plz help us.. :(

    • Date: 09.02.2016

      it's an auto update, we can only offe the changelog here

    • Date: 06.02.2016

      How to dowload this file?

    • Date: 09.01.2016

      hello that!

    • Date: 08.01.2016

      how to download it?