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Pillars of Eternity

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Patch 3.02

Author: Administrator Date: 14.07.16 System:

Major Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some player's game would reset after completing Part 1.
  • Fixed an issue where some players couldn't activate the White Forge or enter Durgan's Battery.
  • Fixed an issue with the final Eyeless SI becoming stuck if you selected yourself.
  • Fixed an issue where some players would get stuck at the Caed Nua End Slide.
  • Fixed multiple issues where some players received black screens on load/transitioning.


White March Specific

  • Iron Flail Front is no longer accessible before returning to Stalwart at the start of Part 2.
  • Foundry map icon appears as soon as you visit the Foundry after activating Part 2.
  • Updated the nav for Whitestone Hollow, Durgan's Battery Exterior, and Durgan's West Tower.
  • Gwyn's Band of Union placed into a container in the Abbey.
  • Fixed an issue with Kaoto not speaking to you at the top of the Abbey of the Fallen Moon.
  • Added an addendum to the Rising Tide Quest regarding the sign of the tide.
  • All robes in the Halls of Silence have had their name updated.
  • SFX now plays during the Eyeless Scripted Interaction.
  • Burning Pitch Trebuchet and Empowered/Heavy Cannon Blast will no longer gain benefit from Might or Intellect and are per rest.
  • Eyeless 'Ray of Fire' no longer deals insane amounts of damage on Story Time.
  • Fixed an issue with Cayron's Scar Frozen Water SI applying status effects to the wrong character.
  • Summoned Crag Ogres no longer drop loot.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Relentless Storm to spam cast in Cayron's Scar.
  • Villagers now comment about you defeating the Eyeless.
  • Fixed an issue in Tealdor's dialogue where he would stop giving bounties.
  • Fixed an issue where Mylla was disappearing after completing the quest 'Lost Child'.
  • Fixed issue with screaming villagers audio persisting after Burning Hut SI.
  • Magma Blights in the West Tower now drop loot.
  • Updated the Skuldrak projectile to be an icicle.
  • Fixed gas cloud VFX in the West Tower gas room.
  • Bleakwalker Ghosts (Summoned during Ryona's Breastplate Quest) will now drop correct loot.
  • Spirit animals Whitestone Cave now drop correct loot.
  • Zahua image now shows during his End slides.
  • Fixed an issue not being able to leave Zahua's vision during Secrets of Tacan.
  • Fixed Zahua's conversations not triggering depending on how the quest was started during Secrets of Tacan.
  • Can now re-enter Zahua's vision without reloading Whitestone Hollow.
  • 'Secrets of Tacan' no longer fails if you speak to a vision after Save/Load.
  • 'Secrets of Tacan' no longer fails if Zahua is killed after completion.
  • Fixed an issue with Maneha only wanting to talk about the Fort.


Dyrwood Areas

  • Fixed an issue with combat not ending in Galawain's Maw.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could not interact with Lord Raedric.
  • Rectroactive fix made for Fragments of a Scattered Faith if the player has already looted the standard but didn't have Eder in the party.
  • Gathbin and friends have been buffed during the Battle of Yenwood.
  • Added more SFX to Yenwood Scripted Interaction.
  • Chancellor Warrin no longer respawns in the Charred Barrel after the quest completes.
  • Chancellor Warrin no longer hostiles the you if you previously killed all the patrons in the Charred Barrel.
  • Corrected Gathbin and Chancellor Warrins speaker tags.
  • Tortured Spirit in Cilant Lis should no longer reappear when returning to the map.
  • Searing Falls will now have enemies when first visited.
  • Angry Villagers and Marshal Forwyn no longer respawn at Caed Nua.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soldier Ghost in Caed Nua Dungeons was not spawning.
  • Retreating from enemies on Od Nua Level 13 will now end combat.
  • Adra Animat in Od Nua Level 13 no longer respawns after Save/Load.


Spells and Abilities

  • Paladin's Liberation Exhortation now works on charmed allies.
  • Rogues can now Sneak Attack off of Stun on Crit weapon effects.
  • Rogue's Escape will now break engagement.
  • Cipher's 'Amplified Thrust' no longer generates focus.
  • Updated VFX for Recall Agony so that the effect lasts until the status effect ends.
  • Adjusted the VFX for the mind wave spell to match the actual size of the spell aoe. Also added a light to it.
  • Mental Binding no longer rolls extra rolls against defenses.
  • Llengrath's Mental and Physical Shields can only be cast during combat
  • Fixed an issue where Llengrath's Blunt Wisdom would give the wielder permanent accuracy and damage bonuses.
  • Llengrath's Blunt Wisdom is no longer Superb, but has built in damage and accuracy bonuses.
  • Necrotic Lance is now listed as a Hostile status effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Minor Grimoire Imprint was stealing Chanter invocations.
  • Druid's Wildstrike no longer applies to spell damage while spiritshifted.
  • Ranger's 'Heal Companion' no longer casts twice.
  • Powder Burns casting cone now locks to a target.
  • Priest's Holy Meditation granted by Spell Defense will no longer grant the bonuses to enemies.
  • Monk's Crucible of Suffering was proccing incorrectly if you also have Weapon Focus: Peasant.
  • Fixed a problem where afflictions from Chanter Phrases were infinite.
  • Updated Retaliate so it will roll against defenses.
  • Fixed an issue where Savage Attack was affecting spell accuracy.



  • Part 2 Soulbound weapons have been switched to universal (All weapon focuses will work with any Soulbound weapon).
  • Fixed an issue where Cape of the Master Mystic was causing invisibility to be permanent.
  • Wearing Boots of Speed now have proper running animations outside of combat.
  • Damage Proof mods will no longer be suppressed by Quality mods.
  • Tempered Helm will not be suppressed by Quality mods.
  • Tomb Fragment no longer deals 25 Health on load.
  • Executioner's Hood now heals the character instead of damaging them.
  • Steadfast final unlock requirement is now 28 Might.
  • Fixed an issue where St. Ydwen's Redeemer would get stuck at 1000/1000 damage.
  • Stormcaller now resets unlocks after unbinding it.
  • Updated St Ywdens Redeemers Divine Mark Proc so it won't also hit the wielder.
  • Vent Pick and Dragon's Maw Shield 'Spellchance' proc now works correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where Firebrand was using current equipped weapons stats instead of its own.
  • Raw Damage Lash on Gyrd Haewanes Stenes increased to 20%.
  • Fenwalkers now takes off 2 seconds from stuck, paralyzed, and hobbled durations.
  • Fixed an issue where paralyze that lasted less than 3 seconds caused wearer of Fenwalkers to become unresponsive.
  • The Blunderbuss 'Silver Flash' blind duration reduced to 2 seconds.
  • Fixed multiple issues with Spider Trap's icon and name.
  • Fixed issue where Elryns Jacket used too many Enchant Points.
  • Fixed an issue where Red Reed Wand could summon outside of combat.
  • Boots of Speed no longer slow down Spirit Shifted Druids.
  • Abydon's Hammer will now get removed from the parties Inventory if a party member takes it and sacrifices themselves.
  • Acuan Giamas Spells/Abilities no longer stolen indefinitely.
  • Greenstained Boots now heal the correct amount.
  • Added VFX for Abydon's Hammer ability 'Ring of the Ancient Forge'.
  • Fixed audio issues with Ring of the Ancient Forge ability.
  • Added duration to Mossy Rocks Summon.
  • Robes of the Tidebringer now have correct name and description.
  • Ray of Pain will now deal damage when triggered from Echoing Misery.
  • Spell Defense: Eyestrike will no longer hit allies.
  • 'Zephy' granted by the poleaxe 'Winds Arm' no longer hits the wielder.
  • Infestation of Spiders Trap will now lower Constitution.
  • Fixed Concelhaut Skull Pet VFX.
  • Fixed positions of the VFX for a few of the weapon mods (Burning Lash, Shocking Lash, Durance Staff Fire, and Slaying Lash).



  • All spells and abilities should now end at the end of combat. There were a few (Watchful Presence, for example) that could extend past the end of combat.
  • Fixed a problem where placing traps too close to each other would remove the previous trap and losing the item.
  • Devil of Caroc now has 78 attribute points.
  • Legendary Recipe now requires level 16.
  • Visitors will now leave the stronghold after you resolve their dilemma.
  • Characters no longer lose health in Story Time after being Charmed/Dominated.
  • AI should now properly target their own animal companions for various spells and effects.
  • Heal Companion has been added to Ranger's AI.
  • Bashing now generates focus and procs carnage.
  • Fixed an issue where items would appear highlighted when equipped.
  • Beam Spell VFX no longer persists after combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the knockout injury System Shock did not lowers defense against prone.
  • Fixed an issue where Soul Essences could detect your party while in scouting mode.
  • Attack animations interrupted by summon weapon duration running out will no longer break Wizards spells/attacks.
  • Fixed an issue with companions not dropping weapons upon death while using a summoned weapon.
  • Buffed Bog Oozes. Fixed an issue where they had the incorrect armor/weapons.
  • Potions of Major and Minor Recovery adjusted to properly lower the duration of incoming hostile effects.
  • You are now able to switch weapon sets while a summon weapon is active.
  • Fixed an issue where spawned enemy units could have multiples of the same immunities.
  • Fixed an issue where spawned enemy units did not have immunities.
  • Characters will now have a bark when casting spells against enemies that are immune to it.



  • Dominated friendlies now use a yellow selection circle.
  • Text format of Soulbound items now display properly.
  • Fixed an issue where white boxes would appear next to the character portrait.
  • Brutal Backlash no longer causes the white square to appear on characters.
  • Fixed an issue where the biography would not display when completing TWM2.
  • Fixed an issue where *Missing Abilities* would appear on the action bar.
  • Phrase duration now displays correctly in the tooltip.
  • Fixed damage calculation of base attack damage in descriptions of Full/Primary Attack abilities.
  • Faith and Conviction values now show correctly based on your dispositions.
  • Second Skin now appears in the DR breakdown.
  • Charmed or Dominated allies will no longer display their defenses.
  • Fixed an issue where the Options menu was not aligned with the Stronghold menu.
  • Removed strange icon behind the Enchantment Anvil in the Enchant Menu.
  • Outmaneuvering now has a proper description.
  • Solitary item mod description was improved.
  • Updated various spells to be marked as a hostile effect.
  • Fixed an issue where some healing over time effects was appearing as red in the console.
  • Fixed attacks doing base Raw damage not showing damage type in combat log summary.
  • Fixed an issue where companion barks were being displayed twice.
  • Kidnappings will now display which companion is sent to rescue the visitor.
  • Updated the ability icon 'Zephyr' granted by the poleaxe 'Winds Arm'.
  • Pearlescent Orb now has the proper icon.
  • Fixed an issue with Spider Web Immunity, Ancient Memory, and Wall of Draining spamming the combat log.



  • Keyboard navigation of ability bar now supports quick items.
  • Fixed an issue where text was overlapping in the Bestiary in German.
  • Fixed French gender issues with ghost villager in Od Nua Level 1.
  • [Mac] Fixed Front End 'buy Part 2' link
  • [Linux] Potentially fixed an issue with the mini map on Mesa 11.0.4 graphic driver.
  • [Linux] Corrected an issue on Linux where water was rendering black in most areas.
  • Fixed an issue with the save files being marked as read-only. This was preventing some players from finding their saves.
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