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Pillars of Eternity

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Patch 3.01

Author: Administrator Date: 26.02.16 System:

Major Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where players were unable to loot containers in Ondra's Gift at night.
  • Using Abydon's Hammer will now properly unequip offhand items.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent the game hanging on completion of some Stronghold adventures.


White March Specific

  • Marunn's door in the Great Hall will no longer be sealed if the area, for any reason, resets its persistence data upon returning to it from lower levels of the battery.
  • Various balance fixes to combats and skill checks in the Abbey of the Fallen Moon.
  • Fixed white box effect appearing on tentacle emerge in Maneha's cutscene in Burden of Memory quest.
  • Cleaned up the infiltration option into the Abbey of the Fallen Moon so it will feel less confusing.
  • Fixed an issue where attacking Kaoto after peaceful dialogue, then sneaking into Halls of Silence unseen by any other guards, and then selecting a particular dialogue option if discovered by guards in Halls of Silence, will no longer cause the game to hang.
  • Adjusted Maneha's stats down to 78. Previously they were at 81.
  • Fixed an issue in the Ice Floes scripted interaction in Cayron's Scar so it will display the correct name when a Dexterity check is failed.
  • Picking up Grey Sleeper while your character's inventory is full will no longer delete your character's previously equipped weapon.
  • Fixed issue with a guard in Cragholdt Bluffs that barks "You had your chance" after every dialogue ending.
  • Fixed issues with Mowrghek Ien where combats could be started with enemies that the player could not reach.
  • Updated Kraken Poison Cloud to use correct icon/name.
  • Fixed problem where the fort gate may not open during an Eyeless attack.
  • Ending interstitial now plays proper VO.


Spells and Abilities

  • Lowered Reaping Knives focus gain to 30% so that it'll be the correct amount after Soul.
  • Updated Healing Chain so its no longer a Spell Chance and now it correct functions as a Spellbind.
  • Fixed Triumph of the Crusaders so it is now working correctly.
  • Characters now gain Second Wind correctly.
  • Fixed a problem where characters were getting Second Wind twice.
  • Fixed Distant Advantage accuracy bonus applying as a penalty.
  • Updated Hope Eternal so that it now works correctly.



  • Infinite-duration status effects from missing equipment will be removed on load.
  • Added the Outmanuvering Name to the 2nd unlock for Steadfast for certain classes.
  • Steadfast now has the correct unlock for Druids.
  • Gyrd Haewanes Stenes will now present a pop-up UI on its final level up.



  • Updated new traps so they're using the correct icons and names. Also updated the the Part I Killing Bolt Trap and Storm of Fire Trap.
  • Fixed some resting options in dialogues that were not working correctly.
  • Option to buy veteran troops for the battle of Yenwood will no longer only display once. It will stay available until purchased.
  • Fixed issue with traps not being marked as "Detected" soon enough. This was causing high Mechanics party members to detect friendly "traps" from some spells.



  • Fixed area maps so the fog of war correctly covers the entire map in some areas that were having problems.
  • Added the sketch to Abydon's Hammer.
  • Hooked up new icons for various Eyeless abilities.
  • Fixing some bestiary bugs. Eyeless Stonepiercers using the wrong names and Snow Bears not counting to the right Bestiary entry.
  • Snow Bear added into the bestiary.
  • Fixed grimoire learn buttons not showing the first time a grimoire was opened.
  • Form of the Delemgan should have redundant entries in the UI removed.
  • Better UI formatting for abilities that reduce affliction durations.
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