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Out of the Park Baseball 16

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Out of the Park Developments
Out of the Park Developments
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Patch 16.7.33

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

- Added option to force DH in All-Star game
- Modified All-Star player in-game usage
- Fixed disabling player popups not sticking in options
- Fixed incorrectly notifying to activate a player during off-season while not on DL
- Fixed incorrect stats in team leaderboards
- Fixed incorrect wildcard calculations when division leaders tied
- Fixed duplicate field in team_history_financials export
- Fixed case where "strict" rotation mode would still skip starters on occasion
- Fixed case where locked positions persisted after manager "takes control" of them
- Added ability to remove players from specific shortlists
- Improved offseason processing time
- Fixed several minor bugs + text issues

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