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Cities: Skylines

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Collosal Order
Paradox Interactive
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Patch 1.1.0

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

Features & New

  • New: European theme added
  • New: 72 European buildings in the European theme
  • New: Support for corner and adjacent buildings in the European theme
  • New: 3 maps added with European theme (Cliffside Bay, Foggy Hills and Grand River)
  • New: Tunnels for roads and rail added
  • New: Metro tunnels can be built at different levels
  • Options: V sync option added
  • Options: Invert Y mouse axis added


Editor & Modding

  • Launch options: added -noWorkshop to disable Steam workshop
  • Asset editor: Increased limit for bridge pillar count
  • Asset editor: Hedge added to residential props
  • Asset editor: Added custom vehicle importing
  • Asset editor: Added the ability to set custom thumbnails and tooltip images for all types of assets (in the save panel)
  • Asset editor: New editable properties exposed
  • Asset editor: Added ability to inherit building unlock milestone from template
  • Asset editor: vehicles have a Steam tag "Vehicle"
  • Asset editor: Fixed cut off text and missing spaces in the Properties box
  • Asset editor: Water Service buildings can now have proper pipe connections
  • Asset editor: Custom harbors and cargo harbors are now usable in-game
  • Asset editor: Custom airports now get visited by planes, like an actual airport
  • Asset editor: Fixed issue where some custom assets could not be loaded in-game after editing
  • Asset editor: Fixed missing texture for landfills
  • Asset Editor: Fixed a rare issue where holding and releasing the mouse button would not be recognized
  • Content manager: Introduced a new layout
  • Modding API: Added OnEnabled/OnDisabled support for IUserMod. Called everytime a mod is becoming active or inactive
  • Map editor: Fixed issue where users could place a water source outside the map area
  • Map editor: Fixed free camera hotkey not working


Bugfixes & Misc

  • Linux: support for JPG workshop previews added
  • Linux: users can now use numpad-Enter in-game
  • Linux: Fixed rare issue where users crashed due to a faulty asset
  • Fixed issue with 1x1 buildings "disappearing" when zoomed out too far
  • Fixed several localization issues
  • devInfo.txt is no longer needed
  • Achievements are now properly localized
  • Small contrast changes in some information windows to improve colorblind accessibility
  • Fixed issue where some elevated roads became immune to interaction
  • Metro and train lines now properly update when changed
  • Cruise ships no longer travel over land :’(
  • The 2x2 OreCrusher now has a purpose in life
  • Ireland is properly represented on the Union Jack
  • Cursor no longer disappears when you press Esc whilst rotating the camera
  • Adjusted upkeep cost of some roads to the one displayed in their tooltip
  • People no longer die when your city is at 0 population
  • Fixed an issue where right clicking a button would highlight it incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where free camera mode was not enabled after viewing milestones
  • Fixed an issue where changing language in-game would not change language for some menus
  • Fixed an issue with mouse button key bindings
  • Fixed an issue where the options menu would not be closed properly by hitting the esc key
  • Fixed an issue where temporary save files would sometimes be visible
  • Fixed an issue where roads would snap to inaccessible sections of hydro dams
  • Fixed a graphics issue where text would sometimes be corrupted at the bottom of save and load menus
  • Trees in terrain heights view should now have the proper colors for their elevation
  • Fixed an issue where users could elevate the height of gravel paths, even though they could not place them
  • Fixed a minor graphical issue in the content manager
  • Fixed some text alignment problems
  • Text references to left and right mouse buttons now take left-handed mouse settings into account
  • Added confirmation prompt for Reset Unique Buildings
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