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Cities: Skylines

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Collosal Order
Paradox Interactive
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Patch 1.7.0-f5

Author: Administrator Date: 29.05.17 System:

Paid content Mass Transit expansion
4 new mass transit types:

  • Ferries
  • Cable cars
  • Elevated monorail
  • Blimps

New mass transit related service buildings
Multiplatform train station with metro station
End-of-line train station with metro station
Ferry + bus stop
Monorail + bus hub
Monorail + train + metro hub
3 new scenarios
3 new landmarks
3 new Chirper hats
New chirps
3 new policies
14 new Steam achievements
New road types
3 new canals variations
Free update for all players
Naming of roads
Added option to toggle road names on/off
Citizen Modding
What's New -pop up screen
Two bridges for the gravel road
One-way Train Track
Adjust vehicle count slider for public transport lines
Emergency vehicles choose a free lane when available
Bulldozer for underground structures
Public transport info view additions
Unlimited soil - builtin mod added
Unlimited oil and ore -builtin mod added
Mod inspired features
Option to mark railway stations to accept or not accept intercity traffic
Ability set stop signs at intersections
Ability to toggle traffic lights for an intersection
Visual aids to road building

Thanks to the amazing modders and their mods for the inspiration!
Local Only Transport Stations by boformer

Precision Engineering by Simie

Road Protractor by Oelderoth

Traffic Manager: President Edition by LinuxFan

Traffic Report Tool 2.0 by LisaLionheart

Toggle Traffic Lights by Craxy

Fixed: Player not being able to place custom props made with certain templates
Trailer-, sub building-, and prop variation assets disabled and enabled with main asset
Fixed: Main menu news feed color when focused
Fixed: Asset editor crash when null sub building list
Train tracks can be upgraded between one-way and two-way and therefore now also repaired after being destroyed by a disaster
Shoreline building placement improvements
Asset editor: fixed elevated road pillars disappearing or being treated as sub buildings when editing interchanges.
Fixed: Unnecesary thunderstorm warnings
Fixed: Endless sub-building fires
Fixed: Helicopters not used when building is completely missing road connection
Custom asset usage serialized to saved games and scenarios.
Buttons in content manager to subscribe and enable assets and mods used in a save or scenario (available for saves made after update)
More stable mass subscribe/unsubscribe to workshop items
Condition for "Build X buildings..." tells "Segments" instead of "Amount" when train tracks or metro tunnels are selected as the building, to
be clear about what is counted.
Better content manager stability with a big amount of assets
Asset editor: player can choose custom building unlock milestone
Content manager style panel refreshed when removing building from style
Fixed: Overlapping 'Snapshot Tool' text in scenario settings in DE, ES, PT and RU
Fixed: Superfluous condition 'Have more than xx' name in Tornado Country Goal tab in DE
Fixed: Cut-off text in Alpine Villages win window in DE, FR and PL
Fixed: The disaster area of effect tooltip text persist on the screen when mouse over
Fixed: Changing disaster severity value using slider move the whole disaster info panel
Fixed: Place Disaster button is present in Keymapping section for non Natural Disasters DLC owners
Custom asset loading optimization
Asset editor: thumbshot tool shows sub-buildings
Direction arrows displayed on oneway roads/tracks when in constructing mode or traffic/transport infoviews.
Upgraded to Unity 5.5.3f1
Cities Skylines now uses Metal rendering API on mac fixing multiple graphical glitches (OS X El Capitan 10.11 and newer, only on
computers with Metal support)
ND scenario maps that don't get flooded are shown in "New Game" map list
All ND scenario maps are available for creating scenarios
Smaller outside connection capacity for smaller roads
Fixed: Player is unable to rotate buildings while placing sub building in Asset Editor
Fixed: Player cannot exit New Scenario and Load scenario with ESC key
Fixed: Random crashes in Asset Editor after creating new asset one after another
Fixed: language change causing issues in-game
Asset editor: asset importer preview window fixes
Vehicles have show / hide routes button
Asset editor optimization
Scrollable policies for all categories added
Fixed asset editor sub-buildings showing notifications after free camera mode
Asset editor: fixed relocation issues when sub building contains paths
Fixed: Deluxe DLC link in main menu
Fixed: Scenario Editor Conditions carried over when going back and forth between triggers
Snap settings panel works in all editors and with right positioning
Fixed: Changing language in scenario and then another time in main menu causing an error
Fixed: Scenario settings mod list getting messed up when changing language
Updated telemetry
Asset editor shows DLC icons for trees and roads
Fixed: Fire effect is not always noticeable when there are several buildings on fire
Fixed: Building intersection on elevated highway interrupt highway bridge model
Fixed: Firewatch Tower not illuminated during night time
Fixed: Canceling the Disclaimer warning when trying to activate a mod still activates said mod
Fixed: Sorting by "Author" doesn't sort things properly between player author and game author items
Emergency vehicles choose lane with least traffic
Increased emergency vehicles speed
Added localization support for a keymapping string
Fixed: Missing translations for several keybindings.
Updated Natural Disasters scenario map names
Added translation keys for all scenario map names
DLC badges are shown in new game panel list for Natural Disasters and Mass Transit scenario maps
DLC icons are also shown for maps listed in "New Scenario" panel
Added underground bulldozer both in-game and for editors
Fixed: The currently opened menu will still be opened, with unlocked buildings, if selecting "Restart" when failing a scenario
Fixed: Scrolling the mouse wheel has no effect when the mouse is placed over a "Complete condition..." box of the Goals tab
Fixed: Scrolling the mouse wheel has no effect when the mouse is placed over a locked element
Fixed: Creating a new scenario from a save file made from a scenario causes the triggers and disasters of the original scenario to still be
Expansion badge added for Choose Scenario tab of the New Game panel
Fixed: Clipping rubble on collapsed gravel road bridge
"Error Error Error Error :(" error message text changed
Removed redundant ''Choose Scenario'' hover tooltip on New Game menu
Fixed: Evacuate/Release Citizens button in shelter panels don't get updated immediately when clicking the global Evacuate/Release
Fixed: Localization is not updating immediately in Scenario Editor when Player change language
Added tooltip for Disaster panel button
Fixed: Cut-off props and assets names ending in Asset Importer
Fixed: Parks do not display the number of tourists
Fixed: It is unclear that the Fire Helicopter Depot needs a Firewatch Tower to put out a forest fire
Fixed: Missing KO translation for DO and DON'T in scenario goal tab
Fixed: Cut off Triggers text in Scenario Editor Planner panel in ES, FR, PL, PT and RU
Fixed: Overlapping 'Can Repeat' conditions in Scenario Editor in DE, ES, FR, PL, PT and RU
Fixed: Missing localization of no shelters notification in all languages except EN
Fixed: Missing localization for newly added Natural Disaster keymapping in DE, ES, FR, KO, PL, PT, and RU
Fixed: Missing RESTART button localization in lost prompt window
Fixed: Oil industry specialization icon in individual district panel is barely visible
Fixed: Missing legend for evacuated building in Disaster Risk view
Fixed: ID string present for active Sinkhole in warning panel
Fixed: Missing Doomsday Vault service icon in Monument tab within Milestone Panel
Fixed: Cut off Police Helicopter Depot name in Milestone panel while playing with DE language
Fixed: Cut off Fire Helicopter Depot name in Milestone panel while playing with DE language
Fixed: Missing 'Save Game' and 'Map' localization in Scenario Editor and Main Menu when creating new scenario in all languages except
Fixed: Tooltip on level tool in Landscaping tab is wrong about mouse buttons
Fixed: Water structures have an upkeep cost of 0.00
Fixed: User cannot sort Transport lines with the day, night or day/night option in the Public Transport - Lines detail panel
Fixed: Custom and Workshop assets are not placed in any logical order in construction tab
Fixed: User is unable to build underground roads under the last large height layer
Fixed: Description of the Eden Project monument contains a typo
Fixed: The Tax Office's Info Panel description contains incorrect information
Fixed: The Cargo Harbor's Info Panel description contains a grammar mistake
Fixed: Adding only one policy to the district causes district info view to flicker
Fixed: Released prisoners taking jail space while getting home
Fixed: Asset editor crashes
Asset editor and game always starts with all snap settings on
Made policies icons larger in district panel and city info panel
Automatic public transport vehicle unbunching
District panel changes size with amount of policy icons
Separate autosave settings for game and editors
Multiple localisation and cut-off issues fixed
Fixed: Custom sub buildings without mesh cause terrain to flatten in the whole tile when loading game (requires re-saving the asset)
Fixed: Cut off text in Public Transport Line Overview header: Stops, Passengers in PL
Fixed: Cut off text in Public Transport Line Overview header: Vehicles in FR
Fixed: Cut off text in Public Transport Line Overview header: Stops, Passengers in PT
Fixed: Cut off text in Public Transport Line Overview header: Stops, Vehicles in ES
Fixed: ''Built-in themes'' and ''User themes'' tabs in map/asset editor are cut off in PL
Fixed: Long city names overlap with the day / night slider when the aspect ratio is set to Normal (4:3)
Fixed: Overlapping and cut-off Tsunami Warning Buoy title in building info panel in PL and RU
Fixed: Cut off Medical Helicopter Depot name in Milestone panel while playing with DE language
Fixed: Cut off Disaster Response Unit name in Milestone panel while playing with DE language
Fixed: Oil and Fertile land have similar colors on winter themed maps
Fixed: The name "Cathedral of Plentitude" contains a spelling error
Fixed: Custom asset scale, rotation, and bottom pivot getting hiddenly carried over to next consequent asset
Fixed: Citizen scaling, rotation and bottom pivot toggle disabled (messes up animations) in Asset importer
Fixed random errors when multiple custom assets have exact same same sub buildings/variations/trailers
Slight custom asset loading optimization
Fixed asset editor sub building bug when changing asset while in snapshot mode
Fixed: Extreme framerate drop when taking snapshots in asset editor
Fixed: Panda Sanctuary short description text overflow building info panel in RU
Fixed: Overlapping Weather Radar short description in building info panel in RU
Fixed: Deep Space Radar long description text overflow the window and cover Water and Electricity usage in RU
Fixed: Firewatch Tower long description text overflow the window and cover Water and Electricity usage in RU
Fixed: Overlapping Pumping Service short description in building info panel in RU
Fixed: Pumping Service long description text overflow the window and cover Water and Electricity usage in ES
Fixed: Overlapping Tall Radio Mast short description in building info panel in RU
Fixed: Overlapping Short Radio Mast short description in building info panel in RU
Fixed: Overlapping Fire Helicopter Depot title in building info panel in DE, FR, PL, PT and RU

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