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Cities: Skylines

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Collosal Order
Paradox Interactive
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Patch 1.6.0-f4

Author: Administrator Date: 29.05.17 System:

Paid content Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters Expansion

  • 7 disasters
    • Tsunami
    • Tornado
    • Thunderstorm
    • Earthquake
    • Sinkhole
    • Forest fire
    • Meteor strike
  • Building fire now spreads
  • Random disasters in sandbox play
  • 5 scenarios
  • New services to counteract disasters
    • Space Radar
    • Weather Radar
    • Tsunami Buoy
    • Earthquake Sensor
    • Firewatch Tower
  • Re-building systems for disaster aftermath
    • Disaster Response Unit
    • Pumping Service
    • Large and Small Shelter
    • Tank Reservoir
  • Helicopters for some existing services and helicopter depots
    • Fire Fighting Helicopter Depot
    • Medical Helicopter Depot
    • Police Helicopter Depot
  • Planning escape routes for Shelters
  • New Chirps
  • 3 new Chirper hats
  • 6 new unique buildings and a new monument
  • 12 new Steam achievements
  • 5 new policies
  • Fresh Water Outlet (new Water Service building)

Free content for all players:

  • Scenario editor and ability to share scenarios in the Workshop
  • 3 radio stations
  • Game engine upgraded to Unity 5.4
  • Load/save/new -panels now support sorting asset list by name or modification time
  • Extra buildings available also in the European theme
  • Paradox Store logo is now Steam logo
  • AssetImporter:
    • Imported asset scaling textbox is automatically set to match template mesh size to prevent confusion with very small models
    • Fixed preview camera showing building tiles for vehicles
  • Warnings for badly optimized or very large custom assets added
  • Sub building serialization + sub building tool in asset editor
  • Prop/tree variation serialization + asset editor tool
  • Asset importer prop/tree templates
  • Asset editor props more organized
  • Ambulance and police car siren volumes tweaked
  • Fixed: After Dark: Collision: Citizens sometimes walk in mid-air to reach the restaurant pier.
  • Fixed: Landscaping: None of the new props are localised in any part of the game
  • Fixed: Snowfall: Trees don't have a thumbnail picture in their tooltip on winter themed maps
  • Fixed: Snowfall: After the Christmas tree burns down the tree is unscathed.
  • Fixed: Snowfall: Tool names partially overlap their corresponding icons
  • Fixed: Stadiums: Juventus Stadium and Camp Nou are very brightly lit at night
  • Fixed: Stadiums: Football Stadium model doesn't look burned down after having burned down
  • Fixed: Stadiums: "Burned Down!" signifier is placed inside the Football Stadium
  • Fixed: Stadiums: Football Stadium gets an "already built" icon when it shouldn't
  • Fixed: Paradox account: Wrong password error message is ambigious
  • Fixed: Paradox account: Missing translation in the Paradox account error message.
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: Asset Importer category icons have no tooltips
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: An intersection with roads from both expansions could have both badges displayed.
  • Fixed: Asset editor: Impossible to import OBJ meshes for new assets
  • Fixed: Content Manager - Unsubscribing too many workshop items at once leads to a crash.
  • Fixed: Memory errors when over 16gb installed in Linux
  • Fixed: The save games in the "Load Game" menu are strangely sorted instead of just sorted by date
  • Fixed: Gameplay: Budget sliders create low land value
  • Fixed: Park prop assets should have an indicator that they come from a specific DLC or mod
  • Fixed: Milestones: Boom Town: Placeholder text displayed when hovering over the tram icon.
  • Fixed: Bus: Missing translation for "Modify Line" and "Lines Overview".
  • Fixed: Total line count in the public transport details panel is missing localization for other languages than english
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: Saving a new asset with some default templates for vehicle assets displays a warning message
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