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Cities: Skylines

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Collosal Order
Paradox Interactive
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Patch 1.8.0

Author: Administrator Date: 27.10.17 System:

Paid content Concerts mini-expansion
Concerts mini-expansion

  • Festival management mechanics
  • Festival policies
  • Upgradable Festival Area
  • Three animated Festival bands
  • New Radio station
  • Chirper Hat

Free update for all players and DLCs owners
Cities Skylines base game

  • Content Manager Overhaul
    • Sort assets by
      • Active state
      • Update date
      • File location
    • Choose order of sorting: ascending/descending
    • List sorted by name by default
    • Assets can be selected by clicking them
    • Select all / Deselect all allows user to select or deselect currently filtered assets
    • Enable all / Disable all now affect only selected assets
    • Unsubscribe All button allows user to unsubscribe selected assets in Steam Workshop tab.
    • Multiple search terms can be used to filter the asset list by separating them with comma
    • Asset filtering by Steam tag: prefixing a search term with "t:" can be used to search for steam tags
  • Added "snap to all" option to Snap Settings Panel
  • Fixed: Pathfind causing problems with multiple policies
  • Added scrollbar to overflowing asset importer template category tab buttons
  • Content manager optimization: fixed saves with large amount of custom assets causing hanging
  • Fixed: Cut off text in What's new panel in KO
  • Fixed: Missing 'Load Scenario' localization when loading scenario in all languages except EN
  • Fixed: Missing translation for ''Toggle Traffic Routes View'' tooltip in road infopanel
  • Fixed: Citizen Modding: Cow and Pig model are turned 90 degrees clockwise in the preview window
  • Fixed: Issues with bulldozing and construction sounds
  • Added keymapping support for pressing the following buttons: Toggle Snapping Menu, Change Elevation Step, Toolmode Button 1-4
  • Traffic routes info view does not show bicycles for players who don't own After Dark
  • Fixed: Quickly pressing the "Esc" key multiple times, while opening a sub menu of the Pause Menu with the mouse, causes a soft lock
  • Fixed: The values displayed in the Transport view cannot be lower than 9 per week if it previously exceeded that number
  • Fixed: When the user removes the critical status on a building that has no road access, the road access status will be missing
  • Fixed: Multiple instances of a building can be placed at the same spot
  • Fixed: Some Unique Buildings do not follow the Alphabetical display order in Asset Editor
  • Fixed: Power lines, train and tram line tracks cables are unaffected by the fog
  • Fixed: Elevating terrain and using the undo feature leaves behind some remnants in Map and Scenario Editor
  • Fixed: Sometimes when opening the options menu and closing it with escape will result in a softlock
  • Fixed: The mouse pointer does not change into an excavator when bulldozing pipes
  • Fixed: The Water Tower's Info Panel description contains unclear information
  • Fixed: Wrong resolution appears in the drop-down menu when changing from the default to the highest when in windowed mode
  • Fixed: Russian text in Options \ Keymapping \ Map Editor goes out of bounds
  • Fixed: Eden Project description says that it "removes" pollution rather than "decreasing" it
  • Fixed: The "Zoned Buildings Distribution" text in a district's Info Panel is cut off in PL, ES and PT
  • Fixed: Two brushes can be highlighted at once in Map Editor
  • Fixed: It is possible to have Min values higher than the Max and vice versa in Theme Editor World Properties
  • Fixed: Maps downloaded from the Steam Workshop that are then imported and saved by the user do not appear in the Save Map panel
  • Fixed: It is sometimes possible to bulldoze roads outside of city limits
  • Fixed: Public Transport lines are not shown inside tunnels
  • Fixed: Buildings with "Operating at a reduced rate" text, overlap the info panel when playing with RU
  • Fixed: Sometimes, the No Road Access icon is not displayed when a Service Building no longer has access to any road
  • Fixed: Overlapping PL text of policies names under Big Town milestone
  • Fixed: The textures of the Landfill and Snow Dump become corrupted when viewed from afar after first importing its model
  • Fixed: Ships can travel on land and through dam
  • Fixed: Scenario Editor condition 'City Value' unclear
  • Keyboard shortcuts for changing road elevation / switching between over- and underground (page up / down) also switch between overand
  • underground mode for bulldozer
  • Garbage facilities show different stats based on how they work
  • Fixed: KO missing spaces between characters
  • Fixed: Cargo Train Terminal not working when build next to road with bicycle lanes
  • Fixed: Opening the settings menu while holding down the Free Camera keybinding causes the title to soft-lock
  • Fixed: Landscaping does not return cash or soil to original state when pressing Ctrl-Z in-game mode
  • Fixed: Keybindings are still active in-game, behind the save game pop-up
  • Fixed: Low contrast between red color and black text on "Adult" stat in district info panel
  • Fixed: Changing the Size of the Content Manager window causes the Last Updated text and Delete button to randomly change location
  • for some content
  • Fixed: Some Electricity generator buildings do not require water to function despite needing workers
  • Fixed: The use of an article is inconsistent for the service buildings' Info Panel description
  • Fixed: 'Custom assets/mods used: x' text overlaps 'Delete' button in Content Manager and is missing value of assets/mods in RU
  • Fixed: Cut off 'Subscribe to All' button text in PL in Content Manager
  • Fixed: Cut off 'Share' button text in PT in Content Manager
  • Fixed: City garbage service building stats going out of panel in DE, ES, FR, PL, PT and RU
  • Fixed: Some buildings (Wind Turbines, Adv. Wind Turbines) disappear from the screen when zoom out
  • Fixed: When placing power plant on non-electrificated area, its illumination/lights don't turn on until visiting an infoview
  • Fixed: When creating a style it can only be renamed once before the user needs to restart the game to rename it again
  • Fixed: New Game Custom Theme Dropdown Selector does not update immediately after enabling/disabling Themes in Content Manager
  • Fixed: Custom building assets containing sub buildings causing long loading times. Requires resaving assets.
  • Slightly reduced all custom asset file sizes. Requires resaving assets.

After Dark expansion

  • Fixed: Fishing Tours and Jet Ski Rentals effects seems unbalanced
  • Fixed: The 1x1_beach_Restaurant2 have incorrect names
  • Fixed: The "Harsh Prison Sentences" policy is inconsistent with its description

Snowfall expansion

  • Snowfall DLC icons are shown next to Snowfall builtin maps in new game panel
  • Added 'Priority Road' option for standalone Tram tracks
  • Natural Disasters expansion
  • Fixed: Fire Helicopter description text overflow the window and cover Water and Electricity usage in RU
  • Fixed: Small Emergency Shelter long description text overflow the window and cover Water and Electricity usage in RU
  • Fixed: Large Emergency Shelter long description text overflow the window and cover Water and Electricity usage in RU
  • Fixed: Tank Reservoir long description text overflow the window and cover Water and Electricity usage in ES
  • Fixed: Cut off Natural Disasters scenarios description in KO
  • Fixed: Overlapping Disaster Response Unit short description in building info panel in RU
  • Fixed: Overlapping Firewatch Tower short description in building info panel in RU
  • Fixed: Overlapping Earthquake Sensor short description in building info panel in RU
  • Fixed: Occlusion issue when panning the camera up while looking at a tornado
  • Fixed: Placing disaster trigger outside city area in the Scenario Editor makes camera jump to disaster location in-game
  • Fixed: Often, the helicopter AI follows the same pattern for multiple helicopters
  • Fixed: Citizens are leaving shelters during a disaster
  • Fixed: Rotating a Disaster in the Scenario Editor over the tooltip makes it disappear

Mass Transit expansion

  • Fixed: Missing Clark Cable and Cables Galore achievements updated description text translation
  • Fixed: Unable to trigger TUTORIAL_TEXT[RoadNamesOpen]
  • Fixed: Cut off Mass Transit scenarios description in KO
  • Fixed: Overlapping Ferry Depot short description in building info panel in RU
  • Fixed: Ferry Depot long description text overflow the window and cover Water and Electricity usage in RU
  • Fixed: Ferry Stop short description text overflow building info panel in RU
  • Fixed: [BlimpLine] tutorial title is too long and goes out of the text frame in DE, ES and RU
  • Fixed: Clipping highway props on two-lanes highways with sound barriers
  • Fixed: Intercity trains going to the monorail-train-metro-hub show "confused" status
  • Fixed: "Steve" for road naming achievement in ZH in not translated

Match Day mini-expansion

  • Fixed: Rebuild button in Stadium Info Panel is not localized in any language other than English
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