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Dungeons 2

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Kalypso Media
Release date:
28.04.2015; 24.04.2015 (Steam)
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Patch 1.2.43

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

New Features and Gameplay Improvements

  • Added two new skirmish maps: “Wall Street” and “The Poshlands”
  • Difficulty settings for skirmish maps
  • New way to pick up units: left-clicking on one of the unit type portraits on the top-screen. This brings up an unit info screen which lets you quick-pick each unit. Right-clicking on the portraits still makes the camera jump through the locations of each unit of that type.
  • Player is now able to switch between different types of units in a multiselection on the overworld by pressing TAB or clicking on the portraits in the detail panel
  • Player is now able to choose which unit he will drop next in the dungeon by pressing TAB or clicking on the portraits in the details panel
  • Horde units can be re-trained between tier 2 and tier 3 units. Default when dropping on arena ring is now "train to tier 2".
  • Increased Payday interval from 3 minutes to 6 minutes and doubled salary.
  • Rework of "Signal Horn" and "Sentry Gong". They now can be built on Tier 1 but no longer give a buff to units. Instead, they draw attention of all nearby units upon enemies entering the guard room / outpost. Also, they can be manually activated by slapping them.



  • King Joffrey no longer has a bonus against demon units
  • Troll Rock Thrower: Now has a minimum range in siege mode, splash damager reduced, overall damage reduced but does now ignore armor and projectiles are not longer homing
  • Made boss fights in sandbox maps more difficult
  • Made demon portals in "Trolls from Hell" 5 times tougher
  • "Unleash the Dungeon Lord" spell cost for demons increased (now same as horde faction)


Other Improvements

  • Various performance improvements
  • Better support for ultra-wide resolutions
  • Overhaul of the campaign map to better integrate the demon mini-campaign and give better progress feedback
  • Better pre-selection of next mission when entering campaign map (prefer main campaign and no longer repeating optional demon mini-campaign)
  • Added better audio to various actions and objects like signal horn, cannon watch tower, and some UI interactions
  • Savegames will now load much quicker
  • Triple Buffering option removed from options menu
  • Implemented horde/demon specific icons for strike and new throne room level
  • Narrator idle talk and reminders are now rarer and their intervals are increased
  • Tutorial tips are shown again when narrator plays a reminder-line
  • Added an option in the options->game menu to turn off reminders and idle talks of the narrator
  • Added a slider in the options->game menu to change the auto-save interval
  • Improved evil laughter
  • Player is now able to enter the multiplayer game ID with controller
  • Improved font readability
  • Right-clicking on an action panel now acts as “back”
  • Casting spells/skills with Shift-Click will no longer exit spell/skill cast mode (same like when building work stations or traps)
  • Improved visual of tempting town portal trap
  • Dialog log now shows tutorial tips.
  • Better contrast between text and background in full screen menus
  • Spells cast by player or skills used by units will outline the target if it can be cast.
  • RTS stored groups: camera only jumps if group key is pressed in quick succession
  • Treasure chambers now have more lights on the wall, to make them less gloomy
  • Worker are more intelligent when building traps (don't steal each other's resources and react immediately when evil hand drops resources on the trap).
  • Un-digged crystal tiles now have a special marker
  • Improved minimap icon overlay-order
  • When queuing multiple units to hire, population points are now reserved immediately
  • Added particle effect when creatures gain a combat or production level
  • Visually improved evilfication of water/lava plane ("The Dam") and of certain non-tree vegetation objects
  • Rolling Stones collide with other rolling stones.




  • Introduced more victory point win conditions for domination, team domination and king of the hill
  • Un-conquereable home sectors will now generate some evilness for the player (domination)
  • Sector guards do respawn less frequently now
  • Domination mode is now pre-selected instead of deathmatch
  • During Multiplayer, throne room lifepoints no longer regenerates
  • Fixed freezes in certain cases when creating multiplayer game
  • Better error messages for connection problems
  • Fixed victory points not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed game settings in multiplayer lobby after loading a game
  • Made “kick player” button insivible for clients
  • Log book is now deactivated in multiplayer
  • Status UI now shows game mode and throne room life points in deathmatch mode
  • Use steam name instead of machine name


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashes in Linux Xubuntu
  • Fixed some truncated audio lines
  • Improved stability on linux and mac systems
  • Fixed a fountain not being visible on the map “The battle for King’s Ending – This time it’s for real!”
  • Fixed units getting knocked out of the players hand
  • Fixed units becoming unresponsive if knocked down by a rolling stone directly after dropping
  • Fixed missing skill sounds: Tree of Life guard's “ground smash” and attacks, Orc Chieftain “summon warhound”, Troll Rockthrower attacks, Ultimate Evil attacks
  • Fixed “motivating warcry” skill visualization
  • Fixed problems with fog-of-war when changing resolutions of loading a save game
  • Fixed a problem with Krowtoes on the skirmish map “The Dam” not defending himself
  • vSync is now applied correctly
  • RTS control: Attacks on low-priority targets like spawner huts are no longer interrupted by other targets
  • Fixed logical size of throne room on some maps
  • Fixed a bug where dropping a monster on an occupied workstation did not have any effect
  • Fixed animations for orc chieftain’s war hound
  • Fixed a bug that made hero units (Grumli, etc.) disappear when they ran into a town portal trap which broke the last campaign mission
  • Fixed some broken achievements
  • Region change into dungeon while carrying something now shows the details panel again
  • Fixed arena icons for tier 3 monsters
  • Fixed the hand position when using a controller
  • Arena/Pentagram now correctly highlights the current work mode button
  • “Improved training” icon changed for clarity reasons
  • Closing submenu now correctly aborts respective “build gimmick/room” input mode
  • Fixed a bug where units sometimes did not wait until the bard finished disarming traps
  • Fixed a bug where trap-immune units took damage from "Flame Trap" or "Rolling Stones With Dynamite"
  • Rolling Stone trap now only triggers if it has line of sight
  • Removed unexpected "hide population display" toggle feature
  • Naga Medusa now aims for the target’s center instead of its pivot if the target does not have a head (e.g. attacking doors, etc.)
  • Fixed Warden to not move before trying to teleport.
  • Fixed various skill visualization not ending correctly when target gets destroyed unexpectedly or skill gets interrupted
  • Fixed efficiency upgrade for demon servants not working
  • Demon units will not strike when ordered to upgrade on pentagram and not block upgrade population points while fighting
  • Added missing colliders with certain objects (entrances, armory work station...)
  • Fixed peasant and pikeman attack animations and damage effect timings
  • Fixed move-attack command not walking to "nearest walkable point" when clicking on unavailable terrain
  • Polish/Russian version: fixed population limit GUI display
  • Fixed some "sweet spots" where hero units could oscillate between attacking the player units and returning to guard point.
  • Fixed sudden rotation changes of units in some circumstances
  • Fixed animation glitch if creature payday job is interrupted
  • Hotkeys are displayed correctly in spell bar
  • Fixed some attack trail effects not disappearing when unit is picked up while training in arena
  • Fixed a bug where units (e.g. the ultimate evil) interrupt their own attack animations
  • Fixed glitch where invisible units became (visually) visible when trying to target them with skills
  • Fixed display of perk name: first letter wasn't always capitalized
  • Fixed cross-platform cloud save issues with certain save names
  • Fixed heavy gold and crystal dig marker
  • Fixed savegame playtime display (now h:mm instead of m:ss)
  • Fixed rotation of minimap icons on dungeon minimap
  • When upgrading crystal chamber work unit, resarch in progress is no longer lost
  • Fixed issues with applying changes in options gameplay tab
  • Fixed and improved horde room wall decorations
  • Fixed creatures fighting being interrupted by some other activities like payday
  • Fixed skill/spell targeting of invisible units
  • Fixed region panel tab highlighting
  • Region change gives better UI feedback in minimap/region panel
  • Fixed camera constraint in dungeons (could scroll too far into the black)
  • Fire Pit Trap executes when an enemy enters, not in a constant time interval
  • Fixed wolf texture
  • Restarting skirmish map now keeps game settings
  • Fixed UI hover tile not getting removed in certain circumstances
  • Added logic server firewall exception to steam installation process
  • Fixed work unit visualization glitch where animations did not properly reset to inactive
  • Fixed multiple in-scene dialog texts overlapping themselves
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