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Dungeons 2

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Kalypso Media
Release date:
28.04.2015; 24.04.2015 (Steam)
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Patch 1.4

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

New Features and Gameplay Improvements

    Considerably improved performance
  • Added a notification if a rich gold vein is depleted
  • Added some minor UI sound effects
  • Units now have dynamic rim colours depending on where they are (dungeon, good overworld, evil overworld, etc.)
  • Added search filter in control config menu
  • Added weapon variations for peasants
  • If a skill is upgraded, the tool tip will also update the name (e.g. Battle Cry -> Loud Battle Cry)


  • Tesla traps now need 3x3 space but ground traps can be placed next to them
  • Removed dependencies for horde door researches
  • Fixed tier start difficulty adjustment logic when starting skirmish maps with a higher tier


  • XP progress is no longer shown with three decimal digits
  • Fixed mouse over effect line for XP progress
  • Fixed some cases of being stuck in loading screen forever
  • Fixed position of tutorial text to not cut off the first line
  • “Exciting guard” research now works properly for both horde and demons
  • Fixed payday for demon faction, demons now properly get their pay when they are on the overworld
  • Fixed some bugs regarding chaos forge and hell forge researches not having full effect
  • "Enemies have entered the dungeon" message now only plays once every 8 seconds
  • Units getting attacked by a rockthrower now get alerted to the rockthrower, not the stone.
  • Increased FoW uncover radius for all non-controllable units to 25m so they can't be sniped by very-long ranged enemies like mindflayer or rockthrower
  • Fixed rockthrowers auto attacking into the fog of war
  • Fixed burrowed rockthrower damage getting buffed/debuffed correctly
  • Fixed: shield of the void could be used on traps
  • Fixed: Numerous Dungeon interaction objects can no longer be destroyed
  • Splitting of rooms now logically splits those rooms as well
  • Fixed: Building non-adjacent rooms in one go could logically fuse those rooms into one although they were not connected
  • Fixed icon overlays for horde and demon research sub menus
  • Fixed: Changing volume sliders now has immediate effect
  • Fixed: Allow building rooms "over" blocking gimmicks (in which case only fields that are not blocked are build). Only show error "position blocked" when all tiles are blocked.
  • Fixed: Building storage rooms under gold or mana now makes the resources immediately available
  • Fixed a case of levitating objects after loading a game
  • Fixed as case of selection group keys not working in the dungeon
    Menu options can no longer be navigated with WASD
  • Fixed wall fortification upgrades not being saved
  • Fixed a throne room colouring bug after dungeon level upgrade
  • Fixed a looped sound in the map “The Battle for King’s Ending”
  • Fixed mode state buttons to appear active for two different modes when hovering UI while changing modes
  • Fixed controller ring menu not closing when cinematics start
  • Fixed options tab display when switching keyboard schemes
  • Fixed UI clipping of monster level
  • Fixed UI clipping of beer count
  • Restarting a skirmish map now remembers player colour correctly
  • Stair clipping fix for multiplayer map “The ancient Naga Temple”
  • Multiplayer map “The ancient Naga Temple”: Made overworld home sectors larger
  • Sandbox map “Wall Street”: Fixed relentless guards
  • Sandbox map “The Dam”: Fixed rockthrowers being able to attack through wooded area
  • Fixed player being able to pick up gold that is currently carried by a worker
  • Fixed incorrect achievement handling in multiplayer
  • Fixed certain sounds being played for all players in multiplayer instead of just one
  • Fixed units being visible through fog of war in multiplayer after being dropped on a dungeon exit
  • Fixed defective fog of war after loading
  • Fixed changing skirmish faction quickly after opening the menu not working correctly
  • Tuned down hospital atmo sound
  • Fixed guard room max capacity display
  • Fixed position of workshop floor grates
  • Fixed shadow lurker strike signs
  • Fixed dungeon lord smash effect
  • Fixed paladin shield effect
  • Minor fixes to controller input
  • Minor UI fixes
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