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Dungeons 2

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Kalypso Media
Release date:
28.04.2015; 24.04.2015 (Steam)
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Patch 1.6.1

Author: Administrator Date: 31.08.16 System:

Controller controls completely revised and improved, in particular:

  • Button assignment completely revised
  • Context-sensitive display of button assignments
  • Selection radius in RTS mode now increases over time, no longer manually
  • New screen center marker in RTS mode: Prettier, no longer disappears in objects, gives feedback on the targeted object similar to the mouse cursor
  • Start a New Game menus controls greatly improved (skirmish, campaign and multiplayer)
  • Revised menu screens and modal dialogs for controller controls
  • When last unit dies in a neutral dungeon, you can still use the D-pad to change region
  • Magic bar with hotkeys is no longer displayed in gamepad mode
  • Unit list GUI now usable with controller
  • Build-Queues now supported
  • Deadzone logic improved
  • Tools (Crate-o-Mats, etc.) can now be scrolled through
  • Tutorial messages and controller controls tip of the day adjusted
  • Steam controllers supported natively (Steam)

Performance optimization, in particular:

  • Dungeon rendering greatly accelerated under DirectX 11
  • Improved performance when displaying damage values
  • Pre-placed outside world units are only activated shortly before player contact
  • A variety of little delays corrected (for example, when large areas are marked for excavation, new songs are loaded, when scrolling at start of a level, etc.)
  • Evilization optimized
  • Optimized rendering of simple outside world objects and dungeon decorative objects
  • Other tasks optimized for multicore systems (e.g., animations)
  • Optimized dungeon unit path calculation in the rough planning phase
  • Overall unit path calculation optimized
  • Corrected performance hit occurring with many un-stored resources
  • Logic physics system optimized
  • Various other small optimizations

Stability improvements:

  • Greatly reduced memory consumption under DirectX 11
  • Leak in Sound Effects corrected
  • Reduced overall music and sound effect memory use
  • Some assets were not unloaded properly after use
  • Object pools release previously unused objects
  • Reduced GUI texture memory use


  • Team Domination: now works properly
  • In 3/4-player games, the game is now always won/lost as soon as the first player has been defeated
  • Removed distinction between LAN/Internet game
  • Disconnections are now better communicated to players
  • The initial camera position is now correct for all players when loading a multiplayer game
  • A changed player color is now displayed correctly when loading a multiplayer game


  • Barthas Snow will be revived after 3 minutes maximum (previously 6 minutes)
  • The ghoul skill "Braiiins!" now has a cooldown and costs energy
  • Research duration for some spells increased, for others decreased

Level design:

  • "King Robert must die!“: Cannon tower weakened by 50%
  • "The Battle of King’s Ending": Regeneration for the Ultimate Evil increased significantly
  • Battle map: spawners better coordinated
  • Corrected spawners in several maps, especially the Paladin mob in "The Poshlands"
  • Some creatures in individual maps mistakenly failed to attack players
  • Various script corrections
  • Fixed several minor bugs and imperfections


  • Japanese localization added (Steam, retail, Gog, Mac App Store)
  • More light sources are now placed on the dungeon walls
  • GUI: Barthas now visible in the dungeon minimap
  • Snowball trap no longer rolls immovable objects such as doors and brewery boilers away
  • GUI: Text spacing increased for better readability
  • Loading of large savegames accelerated
  • Units hidden in excavated areas can no longer be targeted with spells
  • Fixed several problems with Ragdolls
  • Level loading now less tricky
  • Repaired various visual glitches
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