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Euro Truck Simulator 2: Scandinavia Add - On

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SCS Software
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Patch 1.22.2

Author: Administrator Date: 22.12.15 System:
    World of Trucks Contracts feature - now you able take jobs from the World of Trucks website
    Tire decals coloring
    Simulated tire grades based on European tire grading system (rolling resistance, wet grip, noise levels)
    The paint shop was integrated into the standard truck configuration
    Improved truck's chassis geometry by adjusting fifth wheel position for most of 6x2, 6x4 chassis's to decrease under steering under full throttle
    When clutch axis is not assigned for H-Shifter transmission, truck will handle clutch itself (much like sequential transmission)
    When shifter layout is named (new attribute "name"), the name string is shown in game for better recognition                   
    Hired drivers are more efficient when equipped by good truck
    User defined limit for length of generated jobs in the offline economy (g_job_distance_limit)
    User defined LOD distance for pedestrian, traffic and parked cars; multiplier of default distance (g_lod_factor_pedestrian, g_lod_factor_traffic, g_lod_factor_parked)
    Config for disabling "Autoparking" dialogue (g_adviser_auto_parking)
    Config for disabling Route Advisor popups when hidden (g_adviser_keep_hidden)
    Fixing missing world on low-end GPUs on OSX
    Improved physics and stability of trailers (disconnected, parked, AI)
    User defined traffic density, defined by multiplier to default (g_traffic)
    Improved simulation of suspension (leaning in curves or when accelerating/decelerating)
    Improved navigation, lane switching, spawning and obstacle checking
    New sounds for Volvo FH16 Classic
    New sounds for Volvo FH
    Higher resolution textures are used on models in UI screens regardless of the graphics settings
    Redesigned job and time widget on desktop
    Day/night effect switching for movers and walkers
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