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Invisible, Inc.

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Klei Entertainment
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Hotfix 21/05/2015

Author: Administrator Date: 25.08.15 System:

* Non-widescreen aspect ratio support.  Toggle off 'Enforce Widescreen' to allow arbitrary window sizes.
* Subtitle support.  See Options > Video > Subtitles
* Fix a crash/missing anim that occurs if you give away your weapon while in overwatch.
* Fix a graphical issue when rendering using certain Linux drivers.
* Fix a potential error running the game if there were periods in the installation file path.
* Fix cameras in certain orientations not having the correct vision.
* Fix more typos, unlocalized text, and text being cut off using the Russian language pack.
* Fix missing animation that occurs occasionally while the Akuma drone was shooting.
* Fix a crash that could occur after an EMP'd portable server was picked up.
* Allow more responsive firewall breaking in mainframe mode
* Allow standalone builds to select Language options
* Fix sold programs still affecting the game (Seed, Emergency Drip, etc.)
* Fix anatomy analysis consuming PWR when shooting a tag gun
* Xu can disable heart monitors
* Sound effect added when drones are EMP'd
* Fix possible error on shutdown while modal dialogs were active
* Any captured agent (an agent previously on the team) that is not rescued in a detention centre mission will be permanently removed from the game


NOTE: The last fix here was not quite complete. There will be another update soon that changes the result from being removed from the campaign permanently to being put back into the pool of available agents to find.  The original bug was that once an agent was MIA, they were ALWAYS the agent that would be found in the detention center until they were rescued. There was no way to escape an agent you didn't want to liberate.

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