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StarDrive 2

Also known as:
StarDrive II
Zero Sum Software
Iceberg Interactive
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Patch 1.1e

Author: Administrator Date: 14.09.15 System:
  • Added a slider to the galaxy creation menu to let you affect how many wormholes will spawn in your galaxy
  • Added two new difficulty levels: Brutalx2 and Brutalx4. These provide large bonuses to the AI and also increase the danger level of external threats
  • Ships will now remember their deployment position and preferred firing ranges after a battle. In planetary defenses ships will still order themselves in a defensive line; in offense engagements ships will use their last deployment position.
  • Ships will now heal all of their ship modules to a minimum of 1hp after battle. This will guarantee that your ship will at least have all systems functional if it gets into another battle, although those ship systems will of course be very fragile until real repairs can be made
  • You can now pan the camera using the Arrow keys in addition to WASD
  • Bugs involving the import/export of .5 food are resolved (mostly this was caused by citizens with Photosynthesis)
  • Fixed an issue where an AI fleet that took battle damage from another AI fleet would have that damage become permanent after surviving a battle with a player fleet
  • Subspace Projectors have been upgraded. They now provide a circular area of effect rather than a directional area of effet, and that area of effect has been substantially increased in size.
  • Mass Drivers have been retooled. They now do not lose any effectiveness over long ranges, but they do substantially less damage. I still think they'll be a good choice for your stand-off ships but it's not an insta-win weapon any more.
  • Rambowl's ship got some upgrades to make it not useless
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