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StarDrive 2

Also known as:
StarDrive II
Zero Sum Software
Iceberg Interactive
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Patch 1.2 Hotfix 23/11/2015

Author: Administrator Date: 25.11.15 System:
  • Fixed an issue where beam weapon sounds weren't being mixed properly in 3d (so they were always a flat volume regardless of distance to the camera)
  • Fixed an issue where the Draylok Battleship could be invincible
  • Found some excellent performance enhancements for the combat map
  • Fixed an issue where fighters that lost their mothership were not properly being removed from play after a while; this should fix any issue where you had a tough time mopping up after a battle
  • Fixed an issue where combat in orbit of Toxic planets would not have the proper planet appearing in the background
  • Pre 1.2 saved games should work now
  • Swapped out the materials on a number of planets that would appear in the battle map. We'll have a number of prettier planets now.
  • Fixed an issue where a fleet could engage a fleet that was far away from it if it was close to it relatively recently; the fleet was not updating its list of known nearby contacts.
  • Fixed a rarer bug that could cause the game to become unresponsive - like you couldn't close a quest window or progress the turn
  • Fixed an issue where subspace projectors were not properly applying speed bonuses
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