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Trainz: A New Era

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Deep Silver
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Service Pack 1 Hotfix 1

Author: Administrator Date: 14.03.16 System:
  • Fix - Decoupling any train can cause it to be added to an Interlocking Tower path
  • Interlocking Towers> Add the concept of conjoint paths, where a path exit signal is also used as an entry signal to another path. Specifically:
  • Lead-in conjoint paths will never alter the state of the exit signal
  • Lead-in conjoint paths will show the exit signal state as "Automatic" in the edit helper, not allow it to be edited and show a special tooltip
  • Conjoint paths will not treat each other’s entry and exit signals as conflicting
  • Major improvements to shadows:
  • Significant reduction of shadow “flickering”
  • Improvements to attachment of shadows to the base of trees at all angles
  • Shadows on train cars less affected by asset LODs
  • Added new Medium shadow option (Low plus Terrain shadows enabled)
  • Driver Command GUI does not reappear after closing Train Tab
  • Crash fix for "carz" (surveyor roaming)
  • In cab camera control option (freeintcam) added to General Settings
  • Bulk replace tool optimised
  • Bulk replace tool no longer pauses using "current section only"
  • Bulk replace shows progress bar for all 3 area options
  • Edit session no longer forgets driver commands on reload
  • “Repeat” driver command saves in Save Game (and reloads)
  • Creating a new consist is now much quicker
  • Save filter in Surveyor now saving correctly
  • Numeric input allows backspacing and copy/paste
  • CTRL-F properties box correctly populated on opening
  • The camera icons shown on the menu bar now match the list
  • Can now save all settings in multiplayer rule
  • Users can rejoin correctly after being kicked out of a MP session
  • Map Display Option Keys in Driver no longer hidden by Score interface
  • Increased font size for gradient figures in mini maps
  • Additional Minimap / 3D alignment fix with Heightmap option (for very hilly areas)
  • Mini Map in Surveyor and Driver remembers the Map Display Options settings
  • Compass shows and hides using "show compass in 3D view" toggle
  • Surveyor properties more reliably undoes changes on cancellation
  • Disable / Enable Content button now toggles correctly
  • "Edit Session" default size no longer fullscreen and window size is remembered
  • Interlocking tower user selection icon shows in Driver when required
  • "Dependants" and "Dependencies" filters changed to “Dependants Include” and “Dependencies Include”
  • Calendar has correct dates for 2016
  • F6 key in driver hides the driver commands and does not reappear at industries
  • 'Hide messages' is now the default option
  • Train Tab properties tool no longer brings up 'ctrl + right click' tooltip in Driver
  • Edit Route now prompts for correct save route/sessions options based upon edits
  • Last route edited now selected in Route Menu
  • Updates to featured asset for Routes Menu
  • Surveyor reloads to saved position
  • Performance preset icon in Driver reflects current state
  • Steam loco cannot suddenly reverse direction
  • Material naming validation improvements
  • Crossing assets will now post a "Crossing","StateChanged" message to script when their internal state is changed
  • MOVehicle animated bell support playing on startup
  • FXText font rendering now similar between TS12 and T:ANE
  • Fixed a case where trackside objects with custom properties would not show those properties in the Surveyor property edit dialog
  • Constructors.NewImage(); now returns an image
  • MOsignal with 4.2 or higher now showing signal lights in game
  • Text in Trainz Settings window not clipped
  • Fix - Opening Test Track twice causes TANE to lock up
  • New engine specs can be created for payware in testtrack
  • Added a "current drawn" stat to Testrack to measure amps
  • Pausing no longer affects ammeter readout
  • Made some adjustments to power to correct Ammeter display
  • Several Healesville loco animation level of detail updates
  • Floating scenery brought down to earth in Bidye Traction Railroad
  • Added Draw Distance Cap (can be set in Edit Route and overriden by users)
  • Loading passengers and goods under AI control now more reliable
  • Fix in multiplayer where only the host can pick up any cargo from industries
  • Fix Minimap / 3D misalignment
  • Fix issue where jumping to minimap lock would have the terrain position out of sync
  • Fix some issues with synchronisation of world/minimap views when rotating or zooming
  • Fix "Freeze" where CM would freeze for a long time when right clicking
  • World Origin lat/long updates no longer overwritten by region co-ords
  • Prevent route/session deletes in the menu from hanging the menu
  • Updates to Steam build to ensure DLC downloads correctly
  • Update the edit session dialog to remember it's position and size on close and reopen
  • Background fixes to Asset DB
  • Fix a memory leak or potential game crash when closing the game window while editing properties in Surveyor.
  • Fixed an issue where the skybox rendering cut off with a hard edge when viewed in a water reflection.
  • Fixed Track Objects now attach correctly
  • Corrected m.reflect so that it visually matches TS12 (may also impact other sphere-mapped materials eg. ts12bumpgloss)
  • Fix misspelling of "Camera interal"
  • Bulk Replace tool now allows “In Selected Area” marquee tool
  • Fix asset thumbnails that could get stuck in a download loop
  • Possible fix for a scenario where speedtree loading was reported to hang
  • Optimise the removal of ground holes to improve map unloading time
  • Surveyor Picklist remembers items after saving
  • Various build and installer changes and fixes
  • Various potential crash fixes from user-submitted crashdumps
  • Added Compact Route option
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