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Trainz: A New Era

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N3V Games
Deep Silver
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Service Pack 1 Hotfix 3

Author: Administrator Date: 05.07.16 System:

This update has a range of enhancements including:

  • Dynamic Shadow updates
  • Speedtreee leaf shadow updates
  • New Picklist feature in Content Manager and Surveyor
  • You can now toggle Nav Point visibility
  • External Camera now remembers last zoom length, direction and FOV setting
  • Increased the polygon detail of the skybox (no seams showing)
  • Save in Surveyor no longer stops sounds from playing
  • Rulers now follow terrain when it is modified
  • Crossing labels now have their own toggle on minimap
  • Can now zoom in much closer in dedicated minimap mode
  • Routes Menu now correctly scrolls to selected route in long lists
  • All engine specs can now be replaced using Surveyor Properties
  • Previously selected item in Surveyor now remembered for each object listing
  • Disabled content will not show in the routes or sessions menu
  • Unknown Assets in CM now have "Copy" command enabled
  • Game no longer resets AI train priority on game save
  • List Asset versions now available for 'unknown' assets
  • Keyboard hotkeys updated in Content Manager
  • Shadows on meshes which are attached to "non-cabs" disabled by default

    For new users, please note that you will need a DX11 capable graphics card, and that upon first start-up there is a delay of 5-10 minutes while various game elements are built.

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