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Scourge of War: Waterloo

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SoW: Waterloo
Matrix Games
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Patch 1.0043

Author: Administrator Date: 26.11.15 System:

• Patch Notes
• Fixed a bug with building “best” detail level on MP map Options settings.
• Fixed a tooltip text error on the Status item in popup.
• Fixed language errors in WL03 text.
• Fixed the La Haye Sainte occupy bug reported for WL04.
• Added missing units in the scenario introduction text for WL01
• Fixed the bug where Probe button was in an incorrect location on the toolbar.
• Added missing unit status tags in languages other than English.
• Fixed a bug where the end of scenario time for MP02 was missing.
• Fixed a bug in cavalry column reserves formation.
• Fixed the bug with some missing cavalry division ammo wagons.
• Fixed errors in about-face flags for some LVL6 infantry and cavalry formations.
• Fixed the bug that caused the “Compose Courier Message” screen to close if a courier message is received.
• Added two corps level formations per army. Corps movement is now possible through the in-game context menu or via the movement map. The error messages in SOWWL.log are of no significance.
• Added an “Additional Details” option to the OOB screen in main game. This is also used to see the unit summary at the end of battle.
• Changed the “Compose Courier Message” screen so that full names can be seen.
• Changed tooltips to dynamically re-size courier window.
• Added a courier message “Send” button to the OOB window.
• Added the full manual in Italian.
• Corrected uniform usage issues with Dutch commanders.
• Implemented a new Line-of-Sight battle starting formation.
• Increased the starting distance for LOS Sandbox battles and road battles in the Sandbox campaign.
• Restricted the advance of scripted French officers in initial stages of WL06 so they don't approach too close to enemy lines.
• Changed the scripted formation for skirmishers at beginning of certain Waterloo scenarios.
• Amended some cavalry parameters to reduce unrealistic results in cavalry vs. cavalry melees.
• Updated the Windmill model.
• Fixed the spelling of a number of officer, unit and map names.
• Reduced the stance auto-activation distance to 150 yards from the enemy for all troop types. The player has maximum control at this setting. The player must decide if and when to activate the AI full control without using TC by choosing a stance which provides for greater control over cavalry and artillery.
• Improved cavalry movement, edited attack distances and damage calculations.
• Improved infantry combat maneuvers, square formation\leaving square and unit overlap when near the enemy.
• Improved square vs. cavalry dynamics: squares can be formed at smaller distances, but now cavalry can try to break them if they are still in formation phase (when there is at least one sprite in movement) and at short range.
• Improved skirmisher behavior and reduced the maximum number per brigade.
• Some improvements to the combined arms unit strength calculations in the campaign AI and also retreat/regroup time.
• “Hold to the Last” stance now forces fewer autonomous movements by the AI for infantry and cavalry.
• Changed artillery wagon AI to auto supply batteries at divisional level.
• Updated the “Full French” mod to include corps fixes.
• Added a fix for the British/Prussian artillery wagon sprite clash.

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