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Power and Revolution

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Geo-Political Simulator 4
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Patch 6.30

Author: Administrator Date: 30.03.17 System:

Patch notes: 6.30

  • Specific updates for the 2017 Edition Add-on
    - Using real % of the candidates in the French presidential election 2017 (% updated regularly according to the new polls)
    -Repositioning French and American aircraft carriers
    -Assigning detailed Losses of popularity for AI Head of State when playing opponent

    Specific updates for the God'n'Spy add-on
    -Units addition of helicopters, submarines, aircraft, etc. for some countries formerly blocked
    -Adding possibility of using the God'n'Spy on a region self-determination referendum

    Specific updates for the Modding Tool add-on
    -Possibility to play illegal groups created with the modding tool
    -Correction on the High Speed Train creation
    -Corrections on the military units's modification and appointment
    -Adding the religious tendency in the game for created religious parties
    -Correction on changing the type of government and ruling party

    Power & Revolution Game Updates
    -Modification and balancing of the calculation algorithm for the electoral results towards more realism (taking into account the historical score)
    -Update of the electoral map after the elections
    -Stabilization of post-independence growth for certain independent regions
    -Triggering a peace treaty at the time of the capture of a capital without a declaration of war
    -Correcting tooltips on military units in advanced interface
    -Updating retirement age for selected countries
    -Player's AI functional in city battles
    -New nuclear submarine upgrades
    -Defense AI for small countries facing big countries attack
    -Commandos landing improvements in city battles
    -Correction on military research
    -Resistance of the bunker after atomic explosion
    -Religions chart adjustment and correction on the religions shares evolution
    -Improvement in the evolution of life expectancy
    -Improvement on the Suez and Panama channels crossing agreements
    -Correction on military contracts made with oneself
    -Balancing the player's popularity points when he passes from head of state to opponent
    -Defensive AI in attacks from illegal groups in conflicts at Hostility level
    -Adding the possibility of looting on damaged buildings
    -Corrections on promises held after election
    -Closing ceremony for the Winter Olympics
    -Various Corrections 

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