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Emergency 5

Also known as:
sixteen tons entertainment
Deep Silver
Release date:
November 2014
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Patch 4.0.1

Author: Administrator Date: 30.12.17 System:

Gameplay & GUI

  • Fixed buildings in Cologne and Hamburg that were difficult for Firemen to enter
  • Fixed rare issue with disappearing mouse cursor after curscene in the Oktoberfest event
  • Improved interactions between diver and boat
  • Many small improvements to usability to make units more responsive
  • Collapsed buildings are now marked on the minimap


  • Wind turbines now turn the right way
  • Fixed animation issues with the police dog handler
  • Fixed off-center text in some loading screens


  • Compatibility with EMERGENCY 20 established
  • Missing persons are now displayed better for clients
  • Improved lighting of vehicles for clients
  • Fixed rare issue where no treatment was possible after decontamination
  • Improved stability of multiplayer server
  • Fixed overlapping windows in the ending screens

World Builder

  • New Feature „Morph Component“: e.g. morphs „Mesh“ into  „Tintable Mesh“
  • New dialogue to set map size when creating an empty map
  • Asset Browser
    • Added searchable tags
    • Added search function to the project section
  • Navigation Map Generator Tool
    • Fixed crash when deleting a navigation-map in the Navigation Map Generator Tool
    • Improved usability
  • Maps in write-protected projects can now be opened, but the user gets notified
  • Added warning in the log if there are holes in the ground map
  • Mesh Assets now support BGR-Colours
  • „Save as Prefab“ can now overwrite files not in the EMERGENCY 5 project
  • Various smaller fixes and improvements

Online Editor

  • Improved project management
    • Fixed disconnects when importing a project
    • It is no longer possible to open maps of currently inactive projects, since this could lead to terrain display problems
    • When opening maps in write-protected projects we cut the connection to the server for security reasons
    • When opening write-protected maps or logging into an admin account the menu will appear red and a tool tip has been added
    • Fixed issue where sometimes a new project would not show up in the clients project lists until the server was rebooted
  • Expanded project management
    • Newly created project will be visible only to the user who created it
    • Added "OwnerUserLogin", "RestrictedUserAccess", "ReadOnlyUserLogins" and "ReadWriteUserLogins" to manage project access for users
  • New map dialogue
    • You can now create a new map based on the copy of an existing one in the online editor
    • Added information to the dialogue when cloning a map
  • Improvements to asset management
    • Asset modification dates internally saved in UTC will now be displayed correctly in local time
    • Map assets can now be renamed by administrators
    • Terrain assets are now handled by the online editor server
    • Terrain source assets are now compressed
    • Improved GUI when deleting assets


  • „getLinks()“-problem solved
  • Patchable Mods: Mods can now be overwritten with newer versions
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