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1775: Rebellion

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HexWar Games
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Patch 1.8

Author: Administrator Date: 23.12.16 System:
  • Improved: You can now see the current amount of each unit type in-play and remaining in the objectives panel.
  • Improved: Camera is now positioned better when using top-down mode when
    a battle is selected.
  • Improved: Added a note to the game manual stating that bridges block water movement.
  • Improved: Added a new tooltip on the battle panel so you can quickly view the sides of each of the different dice. (Hover the mouse over each of the unit slots in the top section).
  • Fixed: British Loyalties card now allows you to create armies (previously the button was grayed out).
  • Fixed: Reinforcement count now display the correct number.
  • Fixed: Quebec scenario will no longer intermittently crash when the AI is placing reinforcements.
  • Fixed: Cards CA13, CA14 and PM12 now function correctly when played by the AI.
  • Fixed: Flags in Quebec are now correctly shown as neutral when the victory points are lost.
  • Fixed: An issue where the game could intermittently freeze during the final round should no longer happen.
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