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1775: Rebellion

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HexWar Games
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Patch 1.04

Author: Administrator Date: 29.05.17 System:


  • Added: Unit models can now be replaced with cubes.
  • Improved: American map control colour is now less green and more blue.
  • Improved: Optimised rendering so the game runs smoother on lower-end hardware.
  • Improved: Command Decision 'Done' button will no longer display if there are no valid map areas for a Command Decision.
  • Improved: Various improvements to the AI opponent.
  • Fixed: The John Butler card will now work correctly during the AI turn.
  • Fixed: Battles will now end when only Native Americans remain on one of the sides and will join the winning side.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer turns sometimes would be unable to send due to an issue with the way the reinforcement data was saved.
  • Fixed: Saved games now save the correct data during the reinforcements phase.
  • Fixed: Auto save was incorrectly saving during the AI turn which caused issues when trying to load the game.
  • Fixed: Corrected land connections between Massachusetts and Connecticut.
  • Fixed: The city in Rhode Island was incorrectly named Albany. This has now been updated to say Newport.

Note: Due to the save game fixes, saves made before the update will no longer load.

Please keep the great feedback coming on the forum and let us know if you experience any new issues with the game. Also we are working hard to bring the game to iPad & Android Tablets and we are also planning to make further AI improvements to make it more challenging!

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