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Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun

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Mimimi Productions
Daedalic Entertainment
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Patch 1.2.1

Author: Administrator Date: 04.01.19 System:

This patch is only compatible with the German retail boxed version of the game. It's very important to install patch 1.1.2 before downloading & installing patch 1.2.1; this patch updates the game to version 1.2.1

IMPORTANT: Updating the game will break your in-level savegames: While your overall progress (unlocked levels, awarded badges, etc) will carry over, the progress within levels will be lost.

Changelog (from 1.1.2. to 1.2.1):

  • Added new control options: 
  • "Invert Camera Movement"
  • "Invert Camera Rotation"
  • "Invert Camera Zoom"
  • "Invert Aiming"
  • Set V-Sync default to 60 for new installs
  • Set V-Sync in menu to 60 (independent from V-Sync setting in Video options)
  • Set unknown gamepad default to not enabled (can be re-enabled in the options menu)
  • Added user data backup
  • Added key bindings for character multiselecting and camera dragging
  • Fixed errors at game start that resulted in only showing a black screen
  • Achievements completed in the demo should now complete correctly on Steam
  • Eye-Tracking: SpeedUp and Fix of Bungee-Zoom
  • Chinese localization reworked
  • Other minor localization fixes


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