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Wings over The Reich

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Patch 1.21

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2 March 2020 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.21

1) Fixed an issue that could sometimes allocate the players wingman an incorrect aircraft model suffix and cause an error


 29 January 2020 Contents and Improvements WOTR V1.20

 - of course this also includes the FREE stunning Spitfire MK1a that was released previously in V1.14  ;

 1) Revised DM for ships - Fighters can no longer sink multiple ships.

 2) Campaign: BF109 Pilots no longer receive directives to directly attack ships but rather they will now be directed to assist and protect bombers that are attacking ships.

 - The mission takes place at high altitude as top cover. It is NOT an escort mission - but there will be friendly flights directed to attack the ships that require the assistance at the target.

 - As a leader the player can of course still direct his flight to attack the ships if desired.

 3) Shaders Update - Includes smoother water animations and stability fixes for Windows 7.

 4) Spitfire MkIa model fixes - External:  changed elevator shape to MKI type.  Linked canopy pull handle to canopy properly.  Revised training of Spitfire engineers for future! Internal: Small tweaks to Virtual Cockpit Spade Control column. 5) Added 250Kg back onto centreline for Ju87 when using 4 wing mounted 50Kg bombs.


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