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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Proxy Studios
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Patch 1.7.5

Author: Administrator Date: 17.11.21 System:

## General
* Units now die at 0 hitpoints instead of when below 0.5.
* Unit hitpoints display is now always rounded up in the selection panel.
* Unit hitpoints and morale bars now always show one pixel if the unit has any hitpoints or morale left.
* Asuryani Arrivals and Remnants of the Fall only show on buildings that are affected by them.
* Improved Vulkan device detection on system with both an AMD and Nvidia graphics card by disabling AMD and Nvidia's buggy implicit layers (https://github.com/KhronosGroup/Vulkan- ... issues/552).
* Improved multiplayer connectivity.

## Balance
* Increased Webway Travel influence cost from 10 to 20.
* Increased Found Webway Redoubt ore and influence cost from 60 to 80.
* Changed Bonesinger Chantry from +4 ore to +2 ore and +0.7 growth.
* Changed Shrine of Khaine from +1 loyalty to +2 research.
* Reduced Transcendent Bliss and Doom of the Aeldari loyalty bonus from +3 to +2.
* Reduced Bladestorm bonus damage from +25% to +17%.
* Reduced Command accuracy from +10%...+30% to +5%...+15%.
* Reduced Autarch's Assault damage from +10%...+30% to +5%...+15%.
* Reduced Doom damage taken from +33%...+100% to +25%...+75%.
* Changed Void Strike to 3 cooldown with +6...+12 attacks instead of charges.
* Photon Grenades now consume an action.

## Bug Fixes
* Fixed Seeker Missile not checking range 4 for attackable targets.
* Fixed Tyranids Hammer of Wrath requirements.
* Fixed Blacksun Filter requirements.
* Fixed Laurels of Command notification missing icon.
* Fixed issue when killing Lord Commissar with Iron Will with a Master of Possession with Possession.
* Fixed spectators that are in a team having to end the turn.
* Fixed drop lists sometimes not showing hints.
* Fixed canceling orders increasing resources accumulated.
* Fixed being able to level up an ability multiple times without spending points by clicking quickly in multiplayer.
* Fixed a crash when auto-focusing on a destroyed unit.
* Fixed an instance of the camera jumping around the edges of the map due to scroll acceleration.
* Fixed Twin-Linked Pulsar from Blast to Large Blast to be consistent with the tabletop.
* Removed Unwieldy from Wailing Doom to be consistent with the tabletop.
* Fixed Proselytize missing visual and sound effect.
* Fixed preferring the wrong graphics device when its graphics driver wrongly reported an insane amount of memory.

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