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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Patch 1.3.6

Author: Administrator Date: 24.11.19 System:

## General
* World loading is now multi-threaded to improve responsiveness and to avoid overloading the GPU.
* Material used for Imperial Ruins can now be specified via XML.
* Log configuration when exiting settings.
* Tweaked generic error message to include user data path.
* Toxin Sacs now shows on the unit instead of each weapon.
* Loosened warning for outdated graphics drivers.
* Disabled multi-threaded rendering check box for AMD on Windows.
* Gladius.exe is now SHA256 signed by Proxy Studios GmbH.
* Items now show cooldown on the icon.

## Bug Fixes
* Fixed a bug that could result in a failed to submit to queue error.
* Fixed Steam friend invites not working.
* Fixed a pathing issue that could cause units to stop moving before entering the enemy zone of control.
* Fixed a potential synchronization issue.
* Fixed Stinger Salvo upgrade icon.
* Fixed overlay not fading out smoothly.
* Removed frame duration cap, which resulted in wrong fps numbers being reported when the frame rate dropped below 20.
* Fixed autocycle moving to the next unit when an item starts being dragged, is placed on a different slot, activated or deactivated.
* Fixed items on cooldown being enabled when moved.
* Added checks to prevent abilities being leveled past the amount of available points due to things like quick multi-clicking and multiplayer lag.
* Fixed crash when exiting a game with a unit in a transport.
* Fixed passive buffs of units in a transport applying to the transport itself.
* Fixed passive buffs working while a unit is in a transport.
* Vulkan-Loader: Check JSON API version in create instance #228.
* Vulkan-Loader: Ignore old driver registry entries #231

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