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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Patch 1.4.1

Author: Administrator Date: 24.11.19 System:

- Added the ability to rebind controls through a new Controls tab in the settings screen.
- Added video setting to show cliff highlights.

- Decreased Immortals cost by 25%. This is to make them a more viable alternative to Necron Warriors.
- Increased Tomb Blades cost by 33%.
- Moved Shield Vanes upgrade from tier 2 to 6. Being able to remove Tomb Blades' only downside (low resiliance) so early made them too powerful.
- Canoptek Spyders now come with the Fabricator Claw Array without requiring an upgrade. This should make Necron vehicle builds more viable and reduces the high number of Canoptek Spyder upgrades.
- Triarch Stalker's Targeting Relay now also affects vehicles. Annihilation Barges really struggled with synergies and this gives the Necron vehicle lineup more options.
- Reduced Dimensional Corridor cost from 40 to 30 influence. Dimensional Stability reduces the cost further to 20.
- Reduced Prey Adaptation research from 3 to 2, up to 3 with upgrade. Tyranids had it a bit too easy with research due to this passive stacking throughout the mid-game.
- Increased Tyranid Warriors group size from 2 to 3. This it to make Tyranid Warrior builds a more viable alternative to gaunt builds.
- Increased Tyranid Warriors cost from 40 to 60.
- Moved Tyranid Warriors research from tier 1 to tier 2.
- Moved Gargoyles research from tier 2 to tier 1.
- Malanthropes can no longer consume tiles in enemy cities.
- Reduced Malanthrope hitpoints from 16 to 12. Malanthropes were used to tank too many overwatch shots, which is contrary to their supportive role.
- Reduced Malanthrope Toxic Miasma cooldown from 10 to 5
- Increased Malanthrope Grapsing Tail cooldown from 1 to 3.
- Spore Mines no longer give experience when suiciding.
- Spore Mines are no longer reclaimable.
- Space Marines' Fortress Expansion, Advanced Redoubts and Fortress Supreme upgrades now also increase resources from features by 25% and reduce Deploy Fortress of Redemption cooldown by 1. Space Marines needed some gradual economic boosts throughout their research to keep them competitive in the mid- and late-game.
- Increased Scavenger ore per kill value from 2 to 3. Orks' economy needed some love.
- Reduced Big Mek cost by 33%. Now costs ore and energy instead of food and ore. Energy upkeep instead of food upkeep. The Big Mek was slightly too costly and his resources did not match his role.
- Halved Noctilith Crown's attacks from 6 to 3. Noctilith Crown's damage surpassed Imperial Bastion's while also giving invulnerable damage reduction.
- Void Shield Generator now costs half ore and half energy with energy upkeep. Energy matches its supportive role better.
- Changed Fear from -50% circumstance melee damage to -33% melee accuracy. Fear incorrectly scaled high-damage weapons due to squad members dying, by scaling accuracy the results are more consistent across weapons.
- Noctilith Crown now costs half ore and half energy with energy upkeep. Energy matches its supportive role better.
- Increased Chaos Cultist construct Noctilith Crown cooldown from 5 to 10.
- Invulnerable damage reduction no longer stacks.
- Lictors now require the Flesh Hooks upgrade to receive the additional weapon.
- Lictors' Chameleonic Skin now allows them to overwatch with melee weapons instead of increasing ranged damage reduction.
- Moved Tyranid Megafauna Sac from tier 5 to 4.
- Moved Tyranid Ripper Dispersion from tier 4 to 5.
- Changed Fear from decreased melee accuracy to lose 2 morale each turn. Fear was too hard of an immediate counter to Orks.
- Changed Stealth to only work if the unit has actions remaining. This models the flavor of Stealth better and gives Lictors a more interesting dynamic.
- Items now go on a 1 turn cooldown when assigned to a new hero.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed sporadic unit state crashes.
- Fixed ground transports being able to deploy across cliffs.
- Fixed Ram Raider achievement sometimes not unlocking.
- Fixed disband confirmation prompt showing up for other players' units.
- Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when using Jokaero Digital Weapons.
- Fixed tile resources sometimes showing 0%.
- Fixed rivers adding +10% food bonus on coast tiles.
- Fixed flying units capturing outposts when a city is destroyed.
- Fixed fortifications not capturing outposts when a city is destroyed.
- Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when destroying a city.
- Fixed attack estimate weapon damage sometimes being incorrect because it showed the damage of each weapon independently instead of simulating hitpoint loss and squad member death.
- Fixed multi-weapon combat being dependent on weapon order and sometimes doing less damage after buffs because of squad members dying before a blast-weapon does damage. Now all weapon damage is calculate before any members are killed off so weapon order no longer maters.
- Fixed Ammo Runt research missing Big Mek requirement.
- Fixed several typos.
- Removed inconsequential trait Slow and Purposeful from Gargantuan Squiggoth.
- Fixed Tyranid buildings not having a team color.
- Fixed Waaagh! description.
- Fixed Waaagh! feel no pain damage reduction not stacking properly with other feel no pain damage reductions..
- Fixed Spectators getting the Explore Map Steam achievement.
- Fixed buildings not being visualized properly in multiplayer when first built.
- Fixed a visualization issue with units that have healed in a transport and are afterwards disembarking.
- Fixed Swarms trait not showing on Canoptek Scarabs.
- Fixed Big Mek missing a Mek's Tools animation.

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