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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Patch 1.4.3

Author: Administrator Date: 29.11.19 System:

## Balance
* The Maulerfiend's Lasher Tendrils now reduce attacks by 33% instead of 1.
* The Venomcrawler's Devourer of Souls now grants +2 hitpoints instead of +10%, keeping it in line with other regeneration.
* Increased Heldrake cost and upkeep by 50%.
* Increased Defiler cost and upkeep by 33%.
* Reduced Daemonforge damage bonus from +33% to +25%.
* Increased Tyranid Prime Adaptive Biology from +15...+45% to +20...+60%.
* Increased Vindicator cost and upkeep by 33%.
* Changed Captain's Deeds of Glory influence gain from +4...+8 to +2...+6. The skill provided too much influence and with the improved Space Marines economy they are less dependent on it.
* The Captain's Orbital Bombardment is no longer affected by the Captain's level, items and status effects.
* Removed Fortress of Redemption cooldown getting slightly reduced by city tier upgrades.
* Increased Orkoid Fungus healing from 1 to 2.
* Increased Fear Da Orks influence bonus from +25% to +33%.
* Increased Grot Scavengers ore bonus from +25% to +33%.
* Increased The Lord's Command influence cost reduction from -25% to -33%.
* Increased Reanimation Protocols and Living Metal healing from 1 to 2.
* Increased Reanimation Protocols and Living Metal healing bonus from +25% to +33%.
* Increased Accelerated Regrowth healing bonus from +25% to +33%.
* Increased Tesla attacks from +33% to +50%.
* Increased Immortals cost and upkeep by 33%. With the Tesla and Reanimation Protocols changes these need to be a bit costlier again, which also goes with their status as elite troops.
* Mindshackle Scarabs now directly reduce the morale of the target enemy unit by 4/8/12 instead of causing Fear.
* Tiles with Necron Tombs are now guaranteed to have at least +20% resources in total (production and loyalty count double).
* Slightly increased Necron Tomb density.
* Increased Regeneration healing from 1 to 2.
* Reverted Stealth only granting ranged damage reduction if the unit has action points left.
* Increased Void Shield Generator cost and upkeep by 33%.
* Reduced Void Shield Generator hitpoints from 32 to 16.
* Reduced Noctilith Crown hitpoints from 36 to 24.
* Changed Void Shield, Kustom Force Field and Telekine Dome from stacking ranged damage reduction to non-stacking ranged invulnerable damage reduction.
* Halved death morale gain and loss from 1 per experience value to 0.5 per experience value to make morale less swingy.
* Halved morale regeneration from 20% to 10%.

## General
* Unit action buttons, item buttons and cargo buttons now show their keyboard hotkey in their hint.
* Spectators no longer see "Enemy Turn" in the center of the screen and "Please Wait" on the end turn button.
* Unit overlay now shows the amount of cargo a transport is carrying -- white if any units can be unloaded, gray otherwise.

## Bug Fixes
* Fixed Void Shield Generator cost increase not working properly.
* Fixed Big Mek benefitting from 'Eavy Armour (they already have Mega Armour).
* Fixed debug panel cooldown button not affecting items.
* Fixed Warboss dying when increasing Big Boss level.
* Fixed a crash that would happen when two cities try to acquire the same tile at the same time.
* Fixed Quantum Shielding going on cooldown when toggled off.
* Fixed wildlife unleashing when damaged by Wire Weed.
* Fixed spectators unlocking "Life, But Not As We Know It".

## Modding
* Percentages in the WorldParameters.xml now count against total land tiles instead of remaining placement candidates. Some values have been adjusted to give similar worlds as before.

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