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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Patch 1.4.4

Author: Administrator Date: 13.01.20 System:

- Added a confirmation dialog when destroying an item.
- Improved multiplayer code. This should fix crashes and glitches due to high ping.

- Increased Prey Adaption research gained from +2 (+3 with upgrade) to +3 (+4 with upgrade). With the recent buffs to other factions and the nerf to Malanthrope hitpoints we can restore some of their former power.
- Increased Savage Apressants influence cost reduction from -25% to -33%.
- Increased Haruspex Crushing Claws damage by 50%.
- Increased Trygon Scything Talons attacks from 2 to 3.
- Reduced Orbital Scan radius from 2 to 1.
- Changed Oration of Restoration from restore 20% hipoints to restore 6 hitpoints.
- Changed Machine Empathy from restore 10% hitpoints to restore 3 hitpoints. No longer affects fortifications.
- Changed Shaken and Broken effects from -17% and -33% to -25% and -50%.
- Changed Quantum Shielding from going on cooldown after being attacked to persisting until the end of the turn if damage is taken.
- Reduced Quantum Shielding armour from +4 to +2.
- Adjusted the morale values of many units based on the leadership values from 8th edition tabletop.
- Increased Poisoned trait bonus damage from +0.25...+2.25 to +0.25...+4.25.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed Tesseract Vault's abilities having incorrect fixed accuracy, preventing modifiers from working on them.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when ending the turn against AI.
- It is no longer possible to construct fortifications on special features.
- Fixed a crash that could occur when completing a quest.
- Fixed several descriptions.
- Fixed players getting kicked from the lobby when removing an AI player or changing the map size.
- Fixed outdated floating messages showing up when scrolling around the map.
- Fixed cargo panel unit positions not persisting between clients and server in multiplayer.
- Fixed clients not using the server's animation speed, resulting in potential animation glitches.
- Fixed Destroyer Lord's Destruction Protocols.
- Fixed revealed tiles with attackers not staying visible until the end of the turn.
- Fixed And They Shall Know No Fear missing on several Space Marine units.
- Fixed Aura of Fear icon.
- Fixed Reclaim Unit effect not getting rendered.
- Fixed crash when founding a city.
- Fixed a rare issue that could result in nothing getting rendered.

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