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Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

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Patch 1.4.5

Author: Administrator Date: 13.01.20 System:

## Balance
* Crushing Claws are no longer unwieldy.
* Moved Carnifex Bone Mace from tier 4 to 5.
* Moved Ripper Dispersion from tier 5 to 4.
* Moved Carnifex Bio-Plasma from tier 5 to 6.
* Moved Aggressive Expansion from tier 6 to 5.
* Reduced Bone Mace and Thresher Scythe attacks from 2 to 1.
* Bone Mace is no longer unwieldy.
* Increased Thresher Scythe damage from 1.5 to 3.
* Increased Killshot bonus damage from +33% to +50%.
* Increased Bio-Plasmic Cannon armour penetration from 4 to 6.
* Increased the hit points of all Tyranid monstrous creatures by 6.
* Increased Tempestus Scions group size from 6 to 7.
* Orkoid Fungus now grants 5 biomass on consume.

## General
* Improved text rendering.
* Lowered video memory requirements.
* Fallback font is now used when the default font does not have the requested glyphs, such as when trying to display Russian or Simplified Chinese characters while having the game language set to English.
* Added the ability to automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Proxy Studios to help improve the game's features, stability and performance. You can read more about this feature and opt-out in the settings.
* When crashing during loading, Gladius now asks Steam to verify the integrity of game files to try to reduce support requests dealing with corrupt or missing files.

## Bug Fixes
* Fixed a rare quest bug.
* Fixed Enslavers giving twice as much experience as they should.
* Fixed drop list text sometimes not being cut and droplist arrows not rotating when the drop list opens and closes.
* Fixed Rampage trait not always showing.

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