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Fantasy General II - Invasion

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Patch 1.00.08277

Author: Administrator Date: 13.01.20 System:

- Christmas Event - Christmas is in danger! Only you can save it... look for a sign appearing around Christmas time!
- New Gameplay Mode - Iron Maiden. You only have one savegame and no chance to take things back and losing a map means you lose the game - finish the campaign or die trying!
- Large Creatures cannot be entangled - Large creatures cannot be entangled by spider webs
- Lances break charges - All lances and spears now break charge
- Multiplayer - Fixed various issues with multiplayer desynchronisations
- Multiplayer - Fixed an issue that caused a multiplayer game to not continue after deployment
- Menu - New Menu for selecting which campaign you want to play
- Performance Improved - Improved performance throughout the game
- UI - Various UI improvements and bug fixes
- Camera - Camera now moves faster the more you are zoomed out
- Frenzy Bugfix - Fixed a bug where frenzy status effects would behave weirdly when loading a game (or playing multiplayer)

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