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Bau-Simulator 2015

Also known as:
Construction-Simulator 2015
weltenbauer Software Entwicklung GmbH
Astragon [+]
Release date:
18.11.2014 (Steam); 19.11.2014
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Liebherr LTM 1300 6.2 DLC

Author: Administrator Date: 28.09.16 System:

In addition to the eponymic LIEBHERR® LTM 1300 6.2 mobile crane the DLC also includes an official licensed MAN® TGX 41.640 8x4/4 D38 truck as well as some brand new and exciting missions for friends of virtual construction works!

With the sixth official expansion for Construction Simulator 2015 you get the opportunity to prove yourselves in the transport of really heavy equipment. Silos, yachts, cell towers, large turbines and even an old steam locomotive have to be delivered from different places in the game world to their respective destinations.

Correspondingly the game's large vehicle fleet will be expanded by a LIEBHERR® LTM 1300 6.2 mobile crane with a loading capacity of 300 tons as well as a four-axis MAN® TGX heavy duty truck.

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