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Original War

Also known as:
Altar Games
Virgin Interactive
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  • Game Description:

    Original War is the first and the most important war in the history of mankind!

    Main Features:

    • exciting story
    • non-linear plot with multiple endings
    • fully 3D terrain and detailed models
    • non-traditional mix of RTS and RPG
    • every single mission is different
    • three levels of difficulty, long gameplay
    • great voices and background music
    • original cutscenes
    • great multiplayer mode included

      By the numbers:

    • two campaigns
    • three unique nations (Americans, Russians, Arabs)
    • thirty nine missions
    • eleven human units and five animal units
    • more that a hundred different vehicles
    • almost a hundred buildings
    • seventy two different technologies
    • sixteen multiplayer maps
    • and one hell of a game!

    Game Modi:


    System Requirement:

    The game runs on AMD K6-2 too, minimum is 333Mhz (recomennded 640*480 or 800*600 and small-scale graphics).
    Low detail and high detail are two versions of graphics (i.e. sprites of buildings, characters, vehicles, trees, explosions, etc.) - high detail version is recommended for most users.
    Low detail version of graphics substantially decreases the memory requirements of game. If you have less than 64 MB of RAM and a slow hard drive you should switch to Small-scale graphics. If you have 128Mb RAM or more then you should be fine with the Large-scale graphics.
    Lower resolution also decreases the memory requirements, but not very much. It substantially increases performance.
    In game are also graphical options, which has some influance on performance (i.e. shadows, animated ground etc.)