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Roman Civil Wars

Also known as:
Ancient Warfare: Roman Civil Wars
Paul Bruffell
HPS Simulations
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  • Game Description:

    Roman Civil Wars focuses on the famous battles of the years 55 BC to 10 AD where legionary fought wild barbarian tribesmen, Parthian horse archers, and all too often, other legionaries. The era of the Roman Republic and early Empire was a time of great military conflict. This period saw the Civil Wars of Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great, Augustus and Marc Antony, as well as Caesar's conquest of Gaul, Crassus' disastrous expedition against the Parthians, and Rome's push over the RhineRiver and into Germania.
    It was in these wars that the Imperial Roman army would be forged. The basic legionary unit was the cohort, supported by various auxiliary forces.

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    System Requirement:

    • Single player vs. the AI
    • Two player hot-seat
    • Play by email (PBEM)
    • Note: There is no direct Internet/LAN play option.