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Wings over Flanders Fields Expansion

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WoFF Expansion
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    NOTE:  YOU NEED  to own "Wings: Over Flanders Fields" Main Product and have it installed for the Expansion to install and work.  it brings WOFF v1.0 or higher to v2.0

    (If you are new to WOFF, don't forget to check the very long feature list already in WOFF v1 !)


    9 Additional Aircraft

     (with associated Squadrons to ensure comprehensive campaign usage)! :

    Gotha IV complete with all fully rendered gunner stations
    Aviatik BI
    Aviatik BII
    Fokker EIV (Twin Machine gun version)
    Halberstadt DIII (Argus Engine)
    Zeppelin R Type (AI flyable currently)
    Zeppelin P Type (AI flyable currently)
    BE2C HD (Home Defence Type)
    BE12 HD (Home Defence Type)

    Many of these including the Gotha will be operational in the current theatre for example

    1) Expanded Campaign Features:

    Advance Time: by a day, a week, or a month to allow your squad to recover from a bad sorty - craft and men are replenished as appropriate, and a detailed summary tells you what took place for the period of advance.

    Leave Request Button: now implemented - if the player has served more than 15 days since last going on leave he may submit a request for leave.
    Note the request button only appears after 15 days have elapsed since last leave approval.
    There are now two leave types - 48 hour pass if days since last leave is less than 45 days or a 5 day pass if days since last leave is greater than 45 days.

    Time Advance to next Historical Date: If the player is in a region where historical missions are taking place a 'Time Advance to next Event Date' button will appear to enable him to optionally fast forward time to the next historical event date.
    Note: The player may or may not be directly involved in these events - this is a region criteria advance.
    This button will not appear if there are no historical events in the region.

    New Workshops settings: Encounters - High or Realistic to tweak the chances of encounters for those that want it.

    Claims System Revisions:

    If 'Log All' setting is not selected in workshops then no claims can be made for Quick Combat or Scenario Flights irrespective of Workshops Claims and Promotions settings.

    Workshops Setting Claims and Promotions Normal:
    A 'Make Claim' button is available in Mission Details page after every sortie - players must fill in a claim form by pressing the button himself when appropriate - there is no prompting to fill in a claim form.

    Workshops Setting Claims and Promotions Easy:
    The player is prompted and taken to the claim form to make a claim whenever he has an air victory.

    Workshops Setting Claims and Promotions Easiest:
    Claims are automatically made on the players behalf when he has an air victory - the claim form system is bypassed.

    New Night activity implemented in England to reflect actual night activity in WW1.


    2) Improvements and Additions:

    DX9 rendering option now built in via workshops to create dynamic self shadowing of aircraft, dynamic ground shadows for ground objects, cloud shadows - all varying with the sun angle and moon.
    DX9 Terrain Bump mapping and Improved Sea rendering - with minimal cost to FPS (does use more memory).

    Thelighting affects the feel of the sim, much more immersive. For example general overhead cloud cover will affect your available light and put your craft in 'overcast lighting' and then if you climb and manage to break through the cloud to sunshine you will be lit with sun!
    External Camera Field of View now settable in workshops (DX9 shader enabled)

    Night effects have been revised to render darker flak and smoke at night.

    New Searchlights added to theatre where needed- England and now in Europe (dynamically lit if using DX9 shaders).

    Additional targets for long range bombing activity implemented in England and France.

    Night complements and air activity implemented to better suit actual war time night activity.

    Cockpit lighting in Gotha, BE2c HD and BE12 HD night fighters!

    Modestly Increased Bomber and 2 seater Recce Air Activity in theater.

    Modestly Increased General Air Activity in theater.

    Revised and improved Cliffs of Dover Geographic terrain models.

    All British French and German Squads overhauled to include for more historical craft.

    Revised AI morale factors to reduce 'fight to the death' scenarios even more, and to encourage better self preservation.

    Increased wind buffeting effects.

    Some Terrain tile revisions and improvements.

    'Newly planted Growing crops' terrain now implemented in Spring - England and Europe.

    Distant Dots (of Aircraft) improved to more accurately resemble 'specks' in the distance with subtle colour change.

    Expanded Theatre: Terror Over England:

    Fly Home Defence in England and defend your country against incoming Zeppelin and Gotha Raids - Day and Night - on the actual times dates that they historically took place.
    Fly attack missions to bomb England (Paris and other facilities in France too)

    Fly With up to 12 Accurately researched British Home Defence squadrons to choose from as well as with special Home Defence Machines.

    Or Enlist in one of the Gotha IV Equipped Bosta squadrons in Europe near the Western Front, and fly day and night sorties against England, Paris and the French Channel ports.
    Note: Night sorties by Bosta squadrons begin in early August 1917, as they did historically, prior to this they carry out day operations.

    New additional Craft for this Theatre of Operations include:

    Gotha IV complete with all fully rendered gunner stations
    Zeppelin R Type (AI flyable currently)
    Zeppelin P Type (AI flyable currently)
    BE2C HD (Home Defence Type)
    BE12 HD (Home Defence Type)
    (others see above)

    Note: If Flying in a Bosta with Gothas, night missions start in early August 1917 as they did historically - up until then the missions are day sorties.

    Flying at night by moon, in a Gotha over the English Channel,  or hunting Zeppelins in your aging BE2c fitted with overwing Lewis are whole new experiences to enjoy !

    Game Modi:


    System Requirement:

    Intel 3.5+GHz CPU or higher.

    NVidia Graphics card, 670 GTX or above. Card with 2GB VIDEO RAM or more is very recommended.

    Equivilant ATI graphics card with 2GB+ RAM is fine too but not in our recommended setup.

    PC with WINDOWS 7 64 Bit

    8GB RAM or higher

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