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Wings over The Reich

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OBD Software
OBD Software
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  • Game Description:

    Immerse yourself in the greatest air battle that has ever been - the Battle of Britain’ - rendered using new campaign systems developed by OBD.

    For the future it is planned to release more “Phases” for ‘WOTR’ and these will eventually move the war to Europe 1941 through 45.If all goes well the planned expansions of WOTR will culminate in the extensive devastation of Europe by the day and night bombing raids over the German ‘Reich’. 

    Game Modi:


    System Requirement:

    Minimum System:

    •CPU:  Intel 3.0 GHz CPU Speed or higher. 

    •GPU:  NVidia Graphics card, 670 GTX or above or equivalent AMD/ATI graphics card should be fine but not recommended.   •1.5GB or more of GPU RAM on the card is recommended.

    •A PC with WINDOWS 7 64 Bit, WINDOWS 8 or 8.1 64 Bit, or WINDOWS 10 64 bit

    •Memory: 6GB RAM or higher.

    •PC Joystick.

    •Direct X 9 must be installed 

    We recommend you close all possible background tasks, AV scanners etc.  Note to run with a lower system specification, using lower graphic settings in Workshop. See the WOTR-FAQ for more details.   


    Recommended System:

    •Intel 3.6+GHz CPU or higher.  Multi-core will only help speed slightly as it will help only background processes. 

    •Nvidia 1080 GTX GPU or higher for best performance. High resolutions like 3440x1440 pixels or 4K will certainly need a high end card.  In our testing a 1080 GTX runs 3440x1440 well.  4K may need a higher card depending on system and settings.  Equivalent AMD/ATI graphics card with more than 2GB+ RAM should be fine but we do not recommend AMD/ATI generally.

    •Operating System: A PC with WINDOWS 7 or 10 (64 Bit) are required.   Windows 8, 8.1 (all 64 Bit) are OK too.

    •Memory:  8GB PC RAM or higher.

    •PC Joystick  - and optional rudder pedals can help immersion and control.

    •Direct X 9 must be installed.