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Wings Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven And Hell II

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ODB Software
ODB Software
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    OBD is proud to bring you our unashamedly single-player WW1 flight simulator : WOFF BH&H II.


    What many are now saying is the most immersive flight simulator available for World War One, be absorbed into the WW1 Air War more than ever before.

    Superb features: The videos may look great but there are 100s of fantastic unseen features or improvements over our previous generations of WOFF.   From the visuals in the cockpit, to breathtaking AI, the superb Campaign engine, some of the best looking scenery and more you will discover yourself:  All whilst keeping performance at a similar level or better than previous versions. 

    Each one of over 80 FLYABLE aircraft now has cockpit vibrations, including vibration affected instrument needles and new animation items such as new oil pulsators and more, animated pilots intelligently look around for immersive flights and much more. WOFF BH&H II now includes a fresh Albatros D.II model, much improved S.E.5 series aircraft and Albatros D.III series aircraft 93 variants of each), quality improvements to many others including all aircraft from the B.E.2c series, B.E.12 series and the R.E.8 and many more.

    Also includes over 35 main menu music tracks!  Favourites from previous WOFF incarnations plus 3 brand new stunning music tracks especially created by the musician Matt Milne for WOFF BH&H II.

    Immerse yourself in one of over 500 historically accurate fighter and bomber squadrons, located in the historically correct location with the correct aircraft (over 80 flyable) of the time, anywhere along the Western front during WW1, or defend England from Gotha and Zeppelin raids!

    Spanning the period from 1915 through to the Armistice in November 1918 with front-lines that move as they did, there is no other combat flight simulator that can bring you the accuracy and feel of being a WW1 pilot, with all of the dangers associated with it! 

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    System Requirement:

    WOFF requires Windows 7 (64 bit) or Windows 8 (64 bit), Windows 8.1 (64 Bit) or Windows 10 (64Bit).

    You are also required to own Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 - this is for licensing ownership purpose, You do NOT need it to install or use it to actually run WOFF.

    You will require a joystick. Control via keyboard is not recommended at all - a very bad idea for dogfighting!

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